Saturday, September 22, 2012

Public Speaking, yo!

Awesome gavel! You should join Public Speaking and become a Presiding Officer just so you can get this amazing gavel!!! I was super excited to take this home with me!
I'm pretty exhausted from a long tournament. I woke up at 6:20 in the morning and arrived at Starbucks looking fancy in my suit at about 7:00. The people stared at me oddly but no one asked. I heard the next person who entered got questioned about their attire.

The tournament lasted until 3:15 and I got home around 4:30 ish. It was a lot of fun just really tiring too. I was presiding officer and that was just fantastic! Except the other presiding officer was awful and she never called on me and it was not good.

I got second place in house, the first level (since it's my first year), and best presiding officer! It was a very successful day :) Maybe I'll upload some pictures later. I don't have any pictures of me haha... there is this awkward picture of me and a couple other people staring at a map. We were staring at the map and then our public speaking historian wanted a picture. But we couldn't stop smiling and slightly posing since it was a picture. If I find it, maybe I'll post it :)

I hope your weekend was great! I must read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography and I seriously fell asleep every other page. xx

PS: I don't like pictures, which is why there really aren't that many of me anywhere. Sorry guys... to all you who want to see more photos.

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