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My Celebrity Life

Hi guys! I changed the font on this one.. I might change the font on all of them. I'm not totally sure yet. I like things to be uniform and the same though. My life is incredibly boring and busy so here's some Coffee Shop. I don't know what I'll do after 30 pages more when it's almost over. I still have to think of an ending so there may be a Coffee Shop hiatus for a while. I know, sorry. Here's a brief schedule of things to come. 
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My Celebrity Life 
Lillian laughed at his dumbfounded look. Too many celebrity guys had done that to her. That was until she met Liam at the hospital door. Liam was a successful and arrogant actor. Something about his attitude was attractive. He was probably the only guy in Hollywood who wasn’t needy. Well Ryan had burnt that bridge. She shook her head and Christopher curiously glanced at her. “I guess I’m your tour guide for this trip.” 
“I guess you are,” Lillian said. “I’m hungry.” How far would he go for her? She knew how bad this was inside but she couldn’t resist. Lillian glanced  down briefly at her fingernails.
“I’ll buy you food. What do you want to eat?”
“Ice cream,” Lillian instantly said. This would be the first test. He gave her another weird look. What was wrong with eating ice cream? They didn’t even have time for a meal anyway. Christopher shrugged and they walked over to a coffee shop. She wondered what in the world he was doing. Everyone knew coffee shops rarely sold ice cream. But she also knew that there weren’t any ice cream places around here.
“This is a date right?” Lillian stopped walking. She stood in place and Christopher glanced at her motioning her to follow. “You wanted ice cream, right? I’m pretty sure I can get them to serve you ice cream.” He tried on his dazzling smile for size. He was ahead of her and didn’t look back again. She followed him still unable to answer his question. 
“Vanilla ice cream please,” Christopher said. Lillian glanced at the menu. This place didn’t sell ice cream at all. The clerk taking his order had visibly stiffened. Could she handle that again? Every possible girl would want a hug. When they saw him in movies, they’d be like Claire. Lillian would be in tabloids all over again committing heinous crimes because she was dating the guy of every girl’s dream. No, she couldn’t go through that again. He waited at a table and she joined him, sunglasses on. 
“Why are you wearing sunglasses?” Christopher didn’t seem worried about paparazzi. Was he not famous enough to have any? Well it would explain why he went all the way to New York to find her. She tried to smile but her face was twisted into a painful expression somewhere in between a smile and a frown. Lillian shoved her sunglasses back in her bag. Liam wouldn’t have her go anywhere without sunglasses. Christopher was just out for her father. 
“Do you have a job? Are you filming something right now?” 
“Ha yeah, I’m on reality TV for a whole season,” he said proudly before getting the ice cream he had ordered. Lillian felt oddly empty as she took a bite. He only bought one ice cream for the two of them. The clerk girl didn’t say anything else to him, not even to ask for a simple autograph. Obviously, he didn’t have any popularity. There was no other reason to explain why he was hanging out with her. She had solid proof. 
“Are you the orange guy in Jersey Shore who doesn’t say anything?” 
“I didn’t know you were such a devoted fan,” he said smirking. She enjoyed his sarcasm and crossed her ankles. It was nice talking to him. She didn’t have to force any conversation. Maybe she should’ve spent more time with unpopular celebrities. He had switched his seat on the airplane to sit next to her. He had to bribe the thirteen year old boy with actual money. Lillian couldn’t help but laugh. 
“Shoot! I have to go,” he said once the plane landed. “My agent is calling.” He bolted up even before the seatbelt sign was off. He grabbed his luggage and once the door opened he ran towards it. Lillian felt slightly hollow. She called her father and cringed at his smooth buttery voice. She would be staying in the Malibu house with Sidney. Sidney was her aunt who lived at the Malibu house living off her father’s money. Lillian smiled. Sidney was always a lot of fun. A private limo picked her up. She opened a can of soda and looked out the window. The warm balmy air was heavenly. Her aunt was already sanding at the door waiting for her. 
“Lillian! My you’ve grown,” she said cheerfully. She dragged all of Lillian’s suitcases in. “This place is just to die for.” Lillian hadn’t ever been in the Malibu house. White wine was already on the counter. Wasn’t it early for drinks? The house had three rooms and her aunt graciously gave her the room the ocean view. Lillian started to unpack and turned on the computer. Her father always had a thing about putting a computer in every guest room. She wondered why he hadn’t sold this house since he never used it, ever. Lillian pulled up Wikipedia and searched up Christopher Fleming. According to the page, he was single and jobless. He had been in a couple indie films but still needed his big break. She was his perfect opportunity. It was a shame that she was done being used by worthless people in Hollywood. There wasn’t a picture on Wikipedia and Lillian was too lazy to search him up any further. He seemed like a nice guy, just that, a nice guy. 
Lillian couldn’t avoid her father forever. Sidney was already out of the house by the time she woke up. Lillian never asked what exactly her aunt did during the day. Had Sidney gotten a job? Her father had already scheduled a meeting somewhere for the two of them. She wore one of her nice summer dresses that her grandmother had sent her from Valentino. Lillian sighed and walked towards a nearby coffee shop. She needed a latte and some caffeine before she could do anything. The door buzzed as she pushed it open. A couple people turned their attention to the short buzz of the door. Her eyes checked out the surroundings. It was a new coffee shop and there weren’t too many people populating the wooden tables. Her eyes met someone else’s. His eyes were a piercing emerald blue. She wouldn’t have forgotten them if it was the end of the world. She felt the butterflies thrashing against her stomach. Lillian almost toppled over in pain. She wanted to duck under a table but he had already seen her and their eyes had already met.
“Lilly,” he said in that cocky tone he had always talked to her. She should’ve been capable of having a decent conversation but she felt her mouth quiver in resistance. 
“H, hi,” she said after ten seconds had elapsed. “Liam, what a surprise it is.” 
“You didn’t tell me you were in LA,” he said nonchalantly as if he saw her every other day. 
“We haven’t spoken in two years.  I didn’t know if I was supposed to call you.”
“What a Lilly thing to say,” he commented. “How have you been?”
“Oh, you know New York is hectic. I wanted a short break here. By the way, I go by Lillian now.” 
“Lillian,” he repeated after her. “Well can I buy you dinner?” Lillian tried to smile. She had always been dreaming of this moment but had never expected it to occur. 
“Uh sure,” she absently said. “I’m free tomorrow night. I have to be somewhere right now. See you, tomorrow?”
“Sure thing, Lilly,” he said. He sat down at a table and pulled out a magazine from his bag. Lillian left sighing. He wanted to see her again. She had another chance at this and she wasn’t about to ruin it.
Andrew walked by the Townshend office. It was a huge glass building that towered over everything else in the area. He had just finished a huge movie last week and opened the heavy glass doors. There were a couple things he needed to sign before the movie was developed. Kyra Martin was already sitting in the contract room right across from the door. He was about to open the door but a familiar figure caught his eye. Where had he seen this girl before? He was waiting for her to turn around until Kyra rapped the glass door with her delicate fist. The girl had already left by the time he looked back.
“Andrew, are you okay?” Kyra’s annoying voice filled the rather small room. Mr. Townshend was sitting across from them in a leather chair. 
“Fine,” he curtly said. He hadn’t been enthusiastic to be in a movie with Kyra but his agent had said it was good publicity. Publicity was probably the last thing he needed but his agent never failed to remind him that Hollywood was a daily business. If your face was absent from the big screen for too long, people simply forgot you. 
“Andrew, good to see you,” Mr. Townshend said. “The movie turned out great. Well I can always expect that with you. I hope to be working again with you soon. Oh and thank you so much for saving my daughter, while you were in the area. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.” Andrew nodded and signed the papers. It seemed nonchalant that he had saved Mr. Townshend’s daughter. He wondered if that girl he had seen had already left. He left the table once all the papers were signed. Kyra left three minutes before him. He lingered by the door for two seconds before someone, or something, came crashing at him. 
“Are you okay?” It was a very familiar voice. He blinked his eyes open and found cappuccinos spilled all over his shirt. He let out a little sniffle of laughter. Here she was, delivering coffee? It was Lillian, Mr. Townshend’s daughter. 
“I’m as great as you can be with coffee all over your shirt,” he said with a smile. Lillian nodded, obviously shaken up.
“Lillian!” Mr. Townshend berated. “Can I speak with you? I’m so sorry, Andrew! Better luck next time. Send us a check for the dry-cleaning. Excuse my clumsy daughter,” Mr. Townshend said. His face was bright red. Andrew wondered what he needed better luck with. The door closed immediately and he left the offices.  Andrew couldn’t help but feel curious. He had wanted to see Lillian again. Someone here had to have her number. He sat down on bench outside. Andrew heard random girls whisper screaming and saw that it was time to leave.  He had a lunch appointment anyway. 
“Andrew,” Liam said with contempt. Liam never said anything about being jealous but there wasn’t a moment where Andrew didn’t feel his burning glare. 
“Hi,” he said casually.  Liam was sitting at a table near the entrance. It was just sheer misfortune that he actually showed up. Andrew sat down opposite of Liam.
“You’re late,” Liam commented. 
“What can you expect? Some daughter of Mr. Townshend interrupted the conference. She graciously spilt coffee on me too. Don’t you know Lillian Townshend?” It was no rumor that Liam had dated her briefly and practically ruined her reputation. 
“Yeah, I’m having dinner with her tonight.” Andrew found it amusing that Liam was using Lillian to make him supposedly jealous. Lillian was probably the one person that would rather spend time with Liam rather than Andrew. 
“Ah, tell her I want my check for dry-cleaning.”
“Why don’t you tell her yourself?” Andrew was meeting with Liam after Liam’s countless requests. It had been a bad idea at the time and Andrew was regretting it now. This was what happened when he tried to do nice things for people. 
“I signed the final contract for the movie today. There isn’t really a reason to see Lillian.”
“Once she gets me a movie contract, we’ll be in the same boat,” Liam said half-jokingly. Liam was a disgusting person. 
“All right, well you have a good day,” Andrew said leaving before the check arrived. 
“I bet she wouldn’t enjoy going on a date with you, even if you offered her a million dollars,” Liam yelled from the table. Andrew turned around. He couldn’t believe that he was doing this. 
“Fine, let’s make a bet,” Andrew said rolling up his sleeves. 
“If you win, you get me a movie deal.” 
“Sure thing buddy,” Andrew said. He didn’t know any big name producer crazy enough to hire Liam. “If I win, you have to leave the movie world.” Liam looked at him dazed. “That’s the only thing that you could give me.”
“Let’s make a bet,” Liam said confidently. They shook on it and Andrew left for his house. He would win the bet once Lillian said ‘I love you’ at the Midsummer Night gala. Wearing a coffee stained shirt was not the way he wanted to start any morning. He tossed the shirt in the hamper and called the Townshend offices.
“Hello?” It was Jamie. Jamie was the new intern who happened to be infatuated with him. She had even told him once that he was the only reason why she accepted the position. He tried to explain to her that he only worked with Mr. Townshend a couple times and he visited the office even less. She would not be persuaded. 
“Hi, Jamie,” he said gritting his teeth. 
“Mr. Foster! I haven’t heard from you in so long. What’s wrong with you?”
“Ah, we filmed in New York. I wasn’t able to reach you for that sole reason.”
“Oh I thought you were injured or something. It’s great to hear your voice!!” 
“Uh yeah, Jamie, so do you have Lillian Townshend’s personal number? She spilt coffee on me this morning and I need to fax a dry-cleaning bill.”
“I definitely heard about that. I didn’t know if it was true or not. She was in the office for such a long time though. Karen, guess what, Lillian did spill coffee on,” Jamie said. Andrew rolled his eyes. 
“Er Jamie, do you have the number?”
“Oh yeah, here it is,” she said reading it out. 
“Thanks,” he said hanging up. He could probably convince her to eat dinner with him instead. He dialed Mr. Townshend’s personal number. It was a fruitful conversation. Mr. Townshend felt so apologetic that he promised two reservations to Le Orangerie, only one of the most popular restaurants, for him and Lillian.
Claire looked at her calendar. She sighed when she saw all the days crossed off. Winter break was nearing an end and she would have to do this soon. She had returned to the staff room right after the fire incident. The cops still hadn’t caught Marlene or the conman. It was another late night, watching cheesy movies with bad actors. They didn’t have a DVD player so she was stuck watching Liam Winchester, again, not that she was complaining. 
“Claire, Claire,” Anderson said. She hadn’t seen him for a while. He was busy because he was basically the only staff member still here. Claire turned off the TV and sat next to him at the kitchen table. She had tried helping him as much as possible but the anxiety was making her restless, and a bad worker. 
“Anderson, what should I do?” She blurted out. She had told Anderson about her predicament and every time he wouldn’t give her any suggestions.
“It’s your choice, dearest, but I think that you should tell them at least. You owe them that much.” She had never considered it like that. The O’Shea’s had been searching for her for a very long time. Claire saw that Mrs. O’Shea was even having hallucinations. Claire nodded her head. That’s where she would be going tomorrow morning. 
Anderson was gone by the time she woke up. She got dressed in her nicest jeans. She was wearing one of Ryan’s jackets and her old tennis shoes. She wasn’t able to return and she didn’t have another jacket. It was comforting wearing something that he owned. She almost felt like he wasn’t far away. He had never told her why he hadn’t left for Hawaii. Claire hailed a cab with a couple spare bucks that Anderson had given her as a Christmas present. Ryan had given her the address a long time ago. She knocked on the door and wondered what to tell them. 
“Hello,” a man said. He had opened the door a tiny bit and was peering at her oddly. 
“Hi,” she simply responded. “Can I come in?” The man shrugged. She looked a little bit like him. 
“Tasha, we have a guest,” the man yelled. 
“I was wondering if I could stay here. I don’t have a home anymore. It burnt down and someone told me to come here.” 
“Who would that person be?” The woman had a kind look on her face. She seemed a lot more relaxed than when Claire had first saw her. 
“Ryan Nichols, I’m Claire, by the way.” She saw that lady stiffen. 
“I’m Natasha and this is Benny, I mean Benjamin,” she said. “Of course you can stay with us for a while.”
“Thank you,” she said. Claire hadn’t expected to stay here at all. That wasn’t part of the plan. Natasha led her upstairs to an empty guest bedroom. She left two seconds later before Claire could say anything else. Claire felt extremely uncomfortable here. Ryan had offered his house but she knew she couldn’t stay there either. The house was very nice and she explored it by herself. She spent the most time observing the frosted garden from her bedroom window. She wanted a family more than anything. Claire turned on the computer in her room. She opened up her email. Claire couldn’t believe that she had an email now. Lillian had responded to her a couple days ago. Claire sat down and started to type. Typing was a slow and painful process for her. She finally clicked the send button and opened a new message directed at Olivia’s email. She hadn’t talked to Olivia in the longest time. Claire sent yet another email to Vanessa. She was lucky to have a circle of such wonderful friends. She watched a preview of Andrew Foster’s new movie coming out next month. Computers weren’t so bad after all. 
Breakfast was full of awkward silences. Claire had told them that she was attending Le Cordon Bleu and that her mother had disappeared somewhere. She didn’t have anywhere else to stay. Neither of them questioned her about anything too personal. It was obvious that she looked somewhat like both of them. Claire heard Natasha crying in the bathroom sometimes. Anderson had said that she owed them this much but was she really doing them a favor?
“Claire, since you do live here, you are going to have to work. Consider it rent,” Ben said with a stern expression. She had to work. Claire stiffened at the word. It was just like her transferring to Le Cordon Bleu. She had thought that she would be welcomed into their home as their daughter. Neither of them ever talked to her except to tell her breakfast was ready. It truly felt like she was renting a room, solely a room. Well it wasn’t their fault since neither of them knew that. 
“Of course, I’ve worked at Le Cordon Bleu, and I have my own restaurant on campus called the Sunshine Bistro,” Claire said. 
“Great, you can work at our coffee shop,” Natasha said coldly. “It located next to the Nichols’ coffee shop so it has a lot of competition. We trust you with this big thing, Claire. You know the Nichols’ boy right? He told you come here, wasn’t that what you said?” Claire nodded. Any mention of Ryan hurt. 
“I can start today,” Claire said. She would’ve said anything to get out of their hair. 
“Great,” Ben said. He took the car keys from the kitchen counter and stood up. Claire left her half eaten pancakes on the table and followed him.
“Thank you, Mr. O’Shea,” she said as she got in the car. He curtly nodded and didn’t say anything more. They arrived to a bustling square almost in the heart of New York. The shop had been open for maybe an hour now but customers were already forming long lines. She saw Ben look snidely at the longer line standing for the Nichols’ coffee shop. Ben flung the door open and led Claire to yet another employee room. He introduced her to Tammy, the manager, and left. He hadn’t said a warm goodbye, or any sort of goodbye. 
“Hi Claire,” Tammy said like a ray of sunshine. Tammy was a lady in her early forties with curled puffs of red hair. “Here’s your uniform.” Claire went into the bathroom and changed into the long black pants and white t-shirt that sported the logo. She tied the apron around her waist and was ready to work. Work was tiring and she was running around all over. When she started working, the nice Tammy had disappeared. This Tammy was bossy and had a short temper. At the end of the day, Claire was exhausted. She wiped the tables down and waited for Ben’s car to show up. It did, two minutes after the official closing time. It would be like this tomorrow too. 
A couple days had passed. She felt a lot more confident in the coffee shop. Customers seemed to enjoy her company too. Even on the days she wasn’t working, they asked for in name. Tammy wasn’t so harsh on her. A lot could change in a couple days. Every moment, Natasha and Ben would warm up to her. It started with simple questions like her favorite color and small talk. It was the end of the first week of winter break, a Saturday. 
“Claire, come here,” Natasha said. Ben was already sitting on the couch and Claire anxiously joined him. Were they kicking her out? Natasha smiled and Ben was smiling too. What was this? Ben was holding a piece of paper. It looked official and Claire tried to read it before Ben waved it away. 
“We did a DNA test,” Natasha began to say. Claire felt all sort of jitters. This was finally happening. 
She found her family again. Claire hugged Natasha and Ben joined in. 
“We’re sorry for being so aloof to you,” Ben said. “Do you know how many people have come in to our home telling us that they’re you?”
“You don’t have to join our family if you don’t want to. We are just so glad to have found you.”
“I would love to be a part of the O’Shea family,” Claire finally said. She wanted to share this news with only one person, Ryan. Her new father would take care of the legal matters tomorrow and her new mother was taking her shopping this afternoon. 
“Are you worried about something?” Her mother asked when she saw Claire looking around. Claire had been here once before, with Ryan. She hadn’t wanted to come. The carnival was a much better place to relax. He had told her that he would buy her anything. A tear drooped down and Claire wished that hadn’t happened. Her mother glanced worriedly at her. “Do you not like New York? You’ve lived here right?”
“Yes, there are just some painful memories attached,” Claire said as they stepped foot in the huge department store. Claire sat down on one of the plush recliners while her mother was choosing all sorts of clothes for her. Clothes were tiring to pick out and tiring to try on. Her mother was finally letting out fifteen years of repressed thoughts. She hadn’t bought clothes for her precious daughter in over fifteen years. She was doing it all now. Her eyes flickered to someone in another store all the way across the hall. He looked remarkably like Ryan. She observed him but froze when she saw someone else, a girl, creep up and surprise him. He laughed and asked her to evaluate two different ties. Claire sighed wistfully and glanced back to her mother. She hadn’t expected that she would miss him this much. At the hospital, he had said they would meet again. He had told her would take care of her and yet he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Claire wondered if she should call him.
“Claire, honey, let’s go,” her mother said shoving a couple very large shopping bags into her empty hands. “I suppose these will last maybe a couple months. Don’t worry dear, we can always come back.” Claire smiled for her mother’s sake. Maybe if she was fancy socialite, Ryan would like her that much more. She sent out emails to her friends, only telling them about her new family.  She dialed Ryan’s number with the house phone. She waited patiently for someone to pick up. Claire heard a voice she wasn’t familiar with. Was it his mother?
“Hi, is the Nichols household?”
“Yes, yes it is. Are you calling about an infomercial?”
“Uh no, ma’am, I’m calling for Ryan Nichols. This is Claire by the way.”
“Ryan told me specifically he doesn’t want to hear from a Claire, any Claire. It seems that he’s moved on, Claire. He’s dating me, Sasha, now. Thanks for calling.” Claire gently put the phone down. She sighed and paced around her room. What had she expected anyway? Ryan didn’t need her. She was a lot of trouble, high maintenance. She had tried not to believe that Sasha and Ryan had slept together. Vanessa even told her that he wasn’t lying. He had obviously moved on in a couple of short days. Why was Sasha even at his house? She cried in her bed. 
She still worked even though her parents had told her it wasn’t necessary. Claire changed into her attire but felt her heart pounding within her ribcage. Ryan was here. Why was Ryan here?
Ryan missed Claire’s company. He had no way of contacting her either. She hadn’t left her email or anything and he couldn’t go to the O’Shea house. They had somewhat patched things up after that night but he still didn’t know if they were still dating. Sasha was officially back and his mother knew that. If he lost Claire, he would be forced to date someone else, someone like Sasha. Ryan went outside in the wintry air and drove out to the O’Shea house. He peeked through the window to find Mr. O’Shea reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. He knocked at the door. Mr. O’Shea got up and looked through the peephole. It wasn’t a very clever tactic considering that Ryan could see him through the window. Mr. O’Shea grimaced before opening the door. 
“Hi, I heard Claire’s here, can I go see her?” Ryan inched towards the door but Mr. O’Shea blocked him off. 
“Nichols,” he enunciated. “You are not welcome here.” Ryan frowned before politely nodding. They were competitors in the same business after all. Everyone knew that Mr. O’Shea wasn’t from high class society. He still didn’t know all the rules. But it was surprising that he hadn’t even thought of connecting the two families. 
“Sir, I just wanted to see Claire,” Ryan said again. “Is she here?”
“No, she’s not. She’s working.”
“Which shop is she working at?”
“The one near yours,” Mr. O’Shea grudgingly said before leaving. Ryan had never worked a day in the coffee business. His sister would be attending Le Cordon Bleu soon and he knew that she was the one who would take over the business. Melanie would have to beat their cousins Beatrice and Louis though if she wanted any shot at fame. None of his family trusted him with that responsibility. Ryan searched the O’Shea coffee shop locations through his iPhone. He had the information he needed and he drove out. There were a ton of people standing in line. His family’s coffee shop was right across the street and he smirked with satisfaction while looking at their line. After about an hour and a half, Ryan was finally able to step inside. 
“Can I take your order?” He brightened up when he heard Claire’s voice. She looked positively radiant in the light of the coffee shop. She was wearing a maroon colored apron and her blonde hair was tied up in a loose bun. Ryan looked up and smiled. She seemed surprised and flustered. It was unprofessional of him to interrupt her work. It was odd that the O’Shea’s were making her work. 
“Sure, I’ll take a double ristretto venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended and 4 cappuccinos, 5 lattes, 7 mochas, 9 black coffees, 1 coffee with extra creamer sugar and whipped cream, and 4 iced mochas, 1 coffee on ice, 1 coffee on ice with extra creamer and 4 sugars,” he said smugly. He took out his credit card and she swiped holding nothing back. She was gaping and possibly fuming with anger. Ryan left the counter and leaned towards the back wall near the counter where the drinks came out. A couple people were also glaring at him from the back of the line. It took about twenty minutes for all of his drinks to come out. He sat down at a table and Claire reluctantly delivered all his drinks to him.
“Ryan, we can’t do this,” Claire said slamming an iced mocha on the table. He stood up and pushed her down into a chair. 
“Tammy, I’m taking a quick break,” she yelled over the customers. 
“You just made us fifty dollars, Claire. You are more than welcome to sit down and chat,” the girl named Tammy said with a wink. Ryan shrugged and slid a latte towards her. She grabbed it and swallowed almost half.
“Whoa, slow down, Claire. We have so many coffees.” 
“What do you want?” He wasn’t used to this hostile side of hers.
“I guess you didn’t want to see me. Just tell me what you want clearly. I don’t do this kind of thing often.” Claire sighed and took another swig of her coffee. 
“You have Sasha, why are you coming back for me?”
“Sasha? How many times do I have to tell you that nothing happened between me and Sasha? Do you want me to show you what she did to me?”
“I called your house number a couple days ago and that witch picked up the phone and said that you don’t want to hear from me or any Claire anymore. And I saw you picking out clothes with her.” Claire crossed her arms. “I have to get back to work.” 
“Claire, Claire, wait. I was at the department store with Melanie. She was at my house. My parents invited her family over for dinner. She’s a close family friend. I didn’t know she picked up the phone though. Would I be here if I was dating her?”
“Melanie? Are you serious right now? I don’t know! Do you date all your family friends? You visited me when you were still dating Vanessa.” Claire stood up and he wondered what to say. He did have a philandering past and she knew. Her boss was looking worriedly at her. “You shouldn’t even be here. We don’t belong together. You should go back to Sasha.” There were a lot of fish in the sea. Was Claire joking with him? 
“Fine, fine, I get it. All right Claire, well see you around. Or not, bye,” he said and left. He slammed the car door shut and drove home. Maybe he would call Sasha up. He shook his head. Who was he kidding? His mother looked worried when he got home. Melanie was sitting on the couch. Didn’t she come home at the end of the week? He was frustrated but knew that he had to sit down too. Coffee was already on the table but he was sick of drinking caffeine. He had left his entire order on that wooden table. Claire would have some fun cleaning that up. 
“Ryan,” she repeated. Ryan had been furious with her for calling Sasha’s family over. “I know you’re upset but we have to leave or Los Angeles. There’s a huge gala and we’ve been invited.” Ryan hated high class parties. He would much rather go to grimy college dorms and apartments and get drunk. High class parties were full of phony manners. He had to be sober and well-mannered all night.  He knew what his mother would say next. 
“Mom, I’m not taking Sasha to that party.” He knew how embarrassed his family would be if she showed up dateless. 
“Do you have an alternative?”
“The O’Shea girl,” Ryan said immediately. He wondered how that would work out. Claire wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about seeing him ever again. 
“Who are you talking about?” Melanie added.
“Claire, your friend Claire,” he said with a smug grin. Melanie glared. 
“If you can get that girl to show up with you at the gala nicely dressed, then fine. I’m calling Sasha as a backup.” Ryan nodded. There had to be some way to work this out. 
“You can count on it, Mom,” he said before rushing up the stairs. He knew only one person who would help him. Well two people. He dialed Lillian first. He really owed her a lot this past week. 
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