Friday, September 21, 2012

Fridays Bring Good Fortune

Hi everyone! I love Fridays and it's hard not to love them. Today was an especially good Friday! So I don't remember if I mentioned this or not but, today was Club Day. Club Day at my school means all the clubs set up tables and recruit any willing people. All the club tables were in a circle on the Quad. The Quad is a stretch of grass that some people sit on to eat lunch and a lot of school events are hosted there. I thought my club's table was next to the Students Against Drunk Driving club but actually we were next to Christian Club. TG runs Christian Club and it was fun just hanging out with him, indirectly.

And then he was going to the same way as I was after lunch so I got to walk with him briefly and hold his posters since he was holding like five different things and a guitar. So maybe having to start a club wasn't so bad. There's this other girl who pretty much likes him too. I'm sort of friends with her but I totally saw her talking to him for the longest time ever. I didn't have to do that because I was running my own booth.

I'm pretty good at forcing people to join :) I put some effort into it and I really want something out of it. TG joined, well he put in honor of my friend who so kindly decided to be co-president. But you know I'm perfectly okay with that.  And TG was impressed (?) by my activities in our school newspaper! Yes! I'm finally a staff writer :) Maybe it's because I'm not that close to him, but I feel like he's less comfortable around me. Sighs. Maybe I seem uncomfortable around him. Hmm, I have no idea. Maybe that'll be my yearly goal: become actual good friends with TG.

Tomorrow is my big public speaking debut! I'm actually more excited than I should be for student congress. I am a presiding officer and am pretty happy that my name was randomly chosen! I still have to write a speech about Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity.

Well onto the main points! Today is a question day!!
Q1: What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
A1: Mm, probably sea snail? It's this type of shell animal that lives in the sea. It has a really cool spiral shell and is pretty bitter. I didn't really like it but yes, that's probably the weirdest thing I ate. I ate this in Korea this summer. During our VBS volunteer, the church treated us to such good food. It was really a shame that often times my appetite would be gone after a long afternoon and the heat. The heat was killer.

Q2: What's your least favorite way of spending a Saturday?
A2: Doing SAT all day, by far. I'm really excited to be done with SAT FOREVER. Only to be met by GRE of course...

Q3: Have you met some famous people?
A3: Well I haven't met any famous people except Ann Brashare at a book signing! I've talked to Meg Cabot and Ellen Hopkins through the radio program that I do which is really awesome! I've talked to Ally Carter too. I love talking to authors in general.

Q4: What is your favorite commercial?
A4: HAHA! I love some commercials :) It's weird but true. In Korea, I saw this awesome Olleh phone ad! Korean ads are pretty awesome in general. Go youtube Olleh ad, most of them are good. Don't pick the parodies. I still hum the song...

Q5: Favorite singers?
A5: Ooh, I actually have a couple! I love David Choi, go search him on Youtube. His songs have actual meaning and they're really catchy. I love finding talented musicians on Youtube. I also like Adele and Taylor Swift. Maroon 5! I like Neon Trees (some songs), Bruno Mars, Foster the People. And more. I usually like songs  I like more than singers because some songs are good and others aren't.

Q6: Favorite books?
A6: It's seems like a reasonable question but I have so many favorites. I love Sophie Kinsella, hands down. I've read absolutely everything by her and her other name. Sophie Kinsella is a pen name. I love love love East of Eden and Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is coming back! SO freaking excited. I like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it was pretty graphic so I wouldn't recommend it to our pg and really even pg 13 readers. I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult and so many others! But one book that I hate so much is Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. I can hate on Faust later though because apparently some people do like Faust and one person that I talked to even said "it was his favorite book of the whole year". I have no idea why. Please enlighten me, somebody, as to why you like Faust. My favorite columnist is Joel Stein who write for Time Magazine. I would highly recommend his column to everybody!

Well that's about it for me. I'm really excited about my public speaking tournament and I hope you guys have a great weekend too. Coffee Shop update coming soon!

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