Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am a Geek

It's really sad. I wanted to think of myself as being cool and trendy but the truth is I am so geeky. Here are some reasons why. Maybe this will regale you, I hope; because then someone is benefitting from my sad geeky life.

1. I am a lover of technology. For me, technology defines progress. It's an easy way to mark how far we've come from primitive caveman years. My favorite event in European History probably has to be Gutenburg's printing press, 1455. He printed the Bible and that was the first thing to ever be printed on a printing press. I love computers and I love smart phones. They make life more accessible and useful. Education is taking on a whole new route and method. You can learn through Youtube with things like Khan Academy and all sorts of instructional videos for any topic. My favorite has got to be Crash Course and Vlogbrothers. John and Hank Green do a weekly vlog about something on Vlogbrothers while Crash Course is an educational lecture. John Green is also a very famous writer. Everything has a good and bad side and I am one who believes that technology has more positives than negatives. I won't go into a pro technology rant at this time.

2. I have been labelled a math nerd and I can't even argue that at all. In my Calc BC class we have 41 people and my teacher remarked how the class still functions with that many people because we are all math nerds. I wanted to say no way but I can't. I do like math and math makes sense to me in a real life way too. I make charts and graphs for about everything. For instance, I made a scale just today relating friendship to numbers. I know, it's sad.

3. I blog. That pretty much automatically makes me a geek. I'd rather talk to anonymous strangers online, more like rant and ramble, than real people. Well that's not all true but I do like the talking aspect of blogging. I'd be happy to listen to any of your comments. I do read other people's blogs so that's the listening component. Technology is good but one of the downfalls is that it makes you more of an awkward person. It gives you time to think between posts and chats, which allows you not to be awkward. But when you need to say things in person your filter just sort of shuts off. It is improving my writing skills though in a very limited way.

4. I was studying bio for a chapter test tomorrow and in the middle of studying came up with a rather ingenious metaphor for nitrogenous bases. I personify biology and it's helping me understand everything so much better. If that's not geeky I have no idea what is.

5. I get more fascinated in kitchen stuff (frying pans, spatulas, etc) and technology stuff (Apple store!) than clothes. I do try to care about my fashion appearance. It's my goal not to wear the same outfit twice. But clothes don't spark that interest that other things do. Clothes bore me after a while and I hate trying on stuff. I do enjoy shopping though so I'm not 100% of a geek, thank goodness.

6. I am now taking public speaking. All public speakers are not geeks but a lot of them are. Public speaking just enhances the geekiness I already have.

Yes... I am a geek. I don't know when I'll embrace that. Maybe I never will. Thank you for always listening to me and my rants. It's 11:06 pm and that's relatively early. I never sleep before midnight anymore and the sleep deprivation is getting to me in a very serious manner.

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