Tuesday, March 3, 2015


There comes a definite point in the semester where you feel the energy drain and a sad emptiness occupying the very parts once full of excitement and vibrant colors. I haven't been writing in the blog so much because it doesn't seem that relevant anymore. It was so necessary to chronicle high school events and life happenings but now I feel removed from that stage of life. I am no longer that girl who pages upon pages of romantic soap opera or the one so self conscience about how the outside world perceives her. It's hard to build upon a foundation that no longer aptly describes your character. I'm torn, however, because this little space I've claimed my own is still dear to me and I don't want to let it just die. I kind of want to jump and leap and cultivate a new space. For the time being, I think I'm going to post to dotpatrol.tumblr.com. If you're curious about my life, I think that'll be the best place to keep tabs. xx