Friday, February 28, 2014

Attack of the Pop Culture

Hi everyone! I realize I haven't been posting at all lately... long story short, my life has been absolutely crazy. This is the first moment I've had to sit down and write something cohesive. I've been running around all over the place from Mock Trial competitions to debate tournaments. I have my second to last public speaking tournament and it's the most important tourney of my life! It's been hectic preparing for that and my grades are in the dumps right now... I hope to be sharing some good news with you soon! If you haven't checked my daily moments page, I am happy to share with you that I will be representing my county at Mock Trial State at the end of March! Unfortunately my school will not be joining me at Mock Trial State since I'm judged separately. I'm a little apprehensive about being with the rival school. My second college acceptance letter came in the mail and life has been okay so far. I'm really excited for this coming March.

Anyways, that's been my life. It's been all sorts of highs and lows emotionally but overall, I'm doing okay. There are always new things you learn and things you sort of regret. Everything is a lesson to be taken away for future situations. Today, I thought I'd share some musings, some of the happenings of my life, and app reviews! Remember when I said I would do those? Well it seems like you guys REALLY enjoy them so I'm going to review a couple more. Stay tuned for the Attack of the Pop Culture.

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Love" Stories on Valentine's Day

Hi guys! Happy Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is a holiday that I don't really like but it's still fun to celebrate and enjoy the long weekend (although that's not due to St. Valentin). I have three intense weeks of tournaments and the mock trial season ended for me today. I went to the Bar Method and am working on my speech to celebrate the holiday of love. The workout was excruciating today. It seems that this Valentine's Day is also a Single's Awareness Day. . . it's really awkward when people ask what I'm doing and expect for me to say something about S. I get a lot of pity and "I'm sorry" responses. I just shrug my shoulders and try to laugh. It doesn't hurt if you don't think about it so much. Anyways, I wrote a story of 5 interconnected characters who all experience different sides of love. I hope you enjoy!


Nicole Peterson sat behind her wooden table. Pictures of her fiancé and memorable students were hanging on the walls and the giant, ancient computer took up about half the space. She had been at Rosewood High School for five years now, teaching everything from computer programming to English I. Her fiancé was an engineer who worked in the bustling city of San Francisco. They were planning to get married sometime around next year, or at least that was what she told her mother. It was around five o’ clock and she stood up to make sure everything was in place. The agenda for tomorrow’s world history class was already written and she had finished grading most of last week’s essays. One more couldn’t hurt.

Nicole smoothed out the wrinkles in her skirt and sat down in the comfy chair once more. She loved her job a little too much. She pulled out a red pen from the little tin pail of writing utensils and grabbed the first essay on the rather thin stack of ungraded essays. Harper Marvin, she read. It was already January and she still sometimes called Harper Claire. Claire wasn’t a particularly outstanding student but there was something so uncanny about their resemblance. Claire was never seen without Steven, a delinquent to her knowledge. High school relationships were so fragile and so ethereal yet no one realized it until they reached middle age. Harper was always slinking around the hallways with her mouth pressed against Lawrence Sommers’. It was disturbing to see them together but there was nothing she could really do about it.

The essay was average, nothing particular. 84, she wrote at the top. Nicole leaned back and wondered when she would have another truly remarkable student again. She opened one of the metal cabinets and flicked through the stack of papers she never threw away. She managed to pluck out an old essay Camilla Benski had written her freshman year. Nicole had been blown away by the maturity and complexity of the ideas Camilla addressed. Camilla had always been a quiet kid but in recent years, she was really blossoming as a promising young person. Nicole always felt a burst of pride whenever she saw some campaign poster or club sign with Camilla’s name on it. She glanced at her wristwatch again. 5:20, it read. She was beyond late and scurried her papers together. There was a rapid knocking at her door.

“Come in!” Was it the janitors? She couldn’t think of anyone who was still here.

“Hi Miss Peterson! Is Mr. Deaton still around?” Nicole furrowed her eyebrows. It was the sixth or seventh time that Melanie Hoskins came by to ask about Mr. Deaton. She explained something about tutoring but Nicole couldn’t grasp why a student needed to be tutored at 5 instead of at lunch or in the morning. Melanie was wearing a low cut V-neck shirt and tight jeans. She wasn’t even carrying a backpack but Nicole didn’t say anything further. Perhaps they were just going over essays or some reading she didn’t understand.

“I always tell you this, but he’s in room 221. I don’t think he’s left yet.” David Deaton was also an extraordinarily hard working person. He just started working this year and she was personally happy to welcome him to their family of teachers. He was an English guy and sometimes he came around to ask her for help. A lot of the teacher were bitter that he was given seniors in his first year of teaching.

“Thank you,” Melanie said and rushed off in a hurry. Nicole sighed and locked her door. She remembered when David’s young wife would come around in the middle of the day to surprise him. They got married rather recently. She was a beautiful young woman that could pass for an actress. She was probably waiting at home patiently for her husband. Nicole exited the school and walked to the parking lot. Her own fiancé was probably waiting for her. She started the engine to her car and it made a soft purring noise.

Monday, February 10, 2014

It's That Time of Week

Hi everyone! Happy Monday :) I just got home from another workout and I feel great but a little sore, which is to be expected. I like taking my mind off everything and just feeling the burn in my thighs. Mock Trial is ending next week for me so I'm hoping I'll have more time to reflect about things that aren't just ranting about S or posting the few chapters of my story. 

I hope I'll be feeling a little more like my usual cheerful self in the weeks and months to come. I've been trying really hard to keep my chin up. I know it's normal to be grieving and upset after a break up, but it's so impossibly hard to move on. I was rereading old emails we sent each other during the summer while I was in Korea. My grandma's computer is ancient and because of the time difference, it's hard to keep up a constant stream of chat messages. I didn't have the heart to watch our old vlogs but the emails alone made me cry so much. I miss him so much sometimes and I keep thinking that things might be better when deep down I know they won't be. He's fully blocked me out and there's just nothing I can do about that. He doesn't want to be my friend. 

Senior ball is in May and I know there's still A TON of time before. My friend J wanted us to all have dates, which would a really awesome and fantastic and lovely way to end senior year. Except... none of us really have guy friends and definitely not friends who are close enough to hang out at ball with.. I'm just in this state of not wanting someone new. I guess ball was just one of those things I was looking forward to when the thought of breaking up didn't even cross my mind. 

I'm just in a weird state of mind at the present moment. Anyways, I'm sorry I didn't post a chapter of the City Girl story last week. I've been seriously very busy! I started writing a new short story that will debut for it's one and only chapter on Valentine's Day. It's about five young women who have different experiences with love-- some fall out of love and others experience the sensation of sharing your little daily moments with another person for the first time. Due to that, I've put City Girl on hold. Maybe you've been reading my blog for a while . . . but everyone should know that I'm not the best at wrapping stories up. I hate endings, endings for books, for movies, or an outing with friends.. the end of a relationship. So I'm not exactly sure how to wrap up City Girl but I promise you an ending, unlike Coffee Shop. So without further ado, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hello February, hello Busy-ness, hello musings!

A relaxing second semester was seriously a lie. Life has never been more hectic and crazier, which is weird considering that all my standardized testing and college app writing is over. I signed up for too many activities that I really love. I hate sleeping late but I have no choice if I want to continue doing all the things I love to do. I stayed at school until 9 today (well I guess yesterday, technically, since right now is 12), working on the student newspaper, and I will also stay at school till 9 today (Tuesday) and Thursday for Mock Trial. I get a break from tournaments this weekend but the stress of ball gown shopping is really kicking in. I'm not sure how everyone has already managed to find their dress. Of course I still have three months and I recognize that but I can't help but freak out a little inside. There are so many beautiful dresses but there's always something a little bit off--the fabric, the color, the shape, etc, so the search continues. 
I've been in debate mode for too long so I'm going to "roadmap my blog entry" for all you debaters or people who really like organization. I realize that I haven't blogged for a whole week but you'll have to hear me out on that one. Although I haven't been blogging longer things, I have been putting little updates on Little Moments and Fitness Diary. These things are updated continuously (Fitness Diary is really updated every other day) and way easier for me to manage than actual posts. I'm not sure how else to do that.... I would so appreciate blog layout tips!!! Like I've always said, I want to maintain the quality of my posts and it feels kind of weird posting only a couple sentences and a photo. All those things belong in Little Moments. I've wanted to change my blog layout for a while so stay tuned for that! I had no possible way of writing a coherent post on Monday because I had so much other work. Expect a City Girl chapter soon (I don't have access to my computer all day)...I promise! So back to roadmap: I'm going to reflect about the post relationship phase.