Friday, March 15, 2013

Relaxation of the Mind

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I've been gone for a whole week. I've been really busy and prom is coming up so that just complicates everything. I am looking forward to it but I hate dancing. I don't like being so close to people that you can feel their sweat. All people do at high school dances, to be frank, is grind and freak (I don't want to describe what that is). It's a good thing though that TG doesn't like to dance either. I really wouldn't mind simply talking to him for the whole night instead of awkwardly trying to dance. Maybe one slow dance but dancing is not my thing.

I'm just having the greatest night, of relaxation! I tried on my prom dress again and I practiced walking in my 4.5 inch heels. I twirled around a couple times because seriously, who can't in a pretty prom dress? When my dress first arrived, I hated it. I wanted to return and simply be done with the whole prom thing. However after a couple alterations, it's a cute dress and I have come to love it. I love it with my nude cream shoes too.

This might sound a bit terrible but so be it. When you invite someone to a dance like prom I feel like you're responsible for their happiness. Actually that's true for almost everything if you invite a person to do something. That's why I feel really bad going to an event where I know nobody because I don't wanna be clingy and needy. TG knows all my friends so that's not much of an issue but I really hope he doesn't regret saying yes.

I'm watching Pride and Prejudice again. It's an amazing film and I highly recommend it to everyone. I watched Hank Green's video spin off series called the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, also highly recommended. The LBD is a modern twist of Pride and Prejudice consisting of vlog posts. The vlogs themselves are short and really entertaining. They stay true to Jane Austen while producing an original work. Check it out on Youtube!

Because I'm a totally competitive person, I'm doing grammar exercises while watching Pride and Prejudice. Today in math, my friend H decided to provoke that competitive side to me. We were both numbering our papers for grammar exercises (we're working on grammar while writing our term papers). She was saying how she was ahead of me and I number incredibly slowly. I am so competitive that I must win even if I can't physically. It's odd because I was never this competitive about sports. Maybe it's because I never really cared for sports. I said that I was sort of okay with this because I was ahead of her in actual grammar problems to which she responded by saying how she does 400 in an hour. I stood up and went to my English classroom half way across the school to grab a grammar book. I interrupted the European History class all out of breath. It was totally worth it though.

In Biology, we started our behavior unit. Today we watched some adorable videos of animal behaviors. We watched a duck following a puppy around because it thought the puppy was its mother. Did you know how terrifying cuckoo birds are? Cuckoo birds first of all eat another birds' (this case the Reed Warbler) eggs. Then it lays one of its own eggs and places it in the nest of the Reed Warbler. The color of the egg is the same as the Reed Warbler so the RW mom thinks its one of her own. This isn't the bad part yet. The cuckoo hatches a couple days before the RW eggs do. It pushes the other eggs out of the nest and the mom RW doesn't realize that this crazy cuckoo isn't one of its real babies. The cuckoo makes this terrible cry for food that is as loud as a whole colony of RW. The mom impulsively gets it food because that's what a RW is programmed to do whenever it hears that noise and sees an open mouth. So the cuckoo is huge now after a couple weeks. It is at least 4 times larger than the RW and is gross and ugly and fat. I understand how smart the cuckoo is but at the same time so manipulative and terrible. How could you do that? How could you live with yourself if you had that lifestyle? I hate the cuckoo bird.

On another note, I really want to go to a nice warm beach. I want to smell the salty air of the ocean and hear the loud sea gulls crying out. I like to watch them circling above my head as my feet are buried deep beneath the sand. I want have a picnic basket right next to me with sunglasses perched atop my hair. I'd be wearing a bikini top under a sheer white t-shirt and the bold red shorts I haven't worn since last summer. My sandals would be discarded somewhere in the wide expanse of the picnic blanket.

I love the beach so much. Latin Convention is held in Irvine this year and so a lot of people were missing today. I want to feel the balmy breeze against my skin and be carefree. It's impossible to be carefree here. Going on beach trips is so fun! Coordinating them is hard but the memories and time spent at the beach is unforgettable.

I don't have a bucket list of experiences I want to try. Planning my life doesn't work so well so I'm trying for a more spontaneous approach. However, one thing that I want to do so badly is go to the beach with a future boyfriend. I don't know, I've never had a serious boyfriend before so I don't know what an actual date is like. I have realized that I do want to be friends with someone before I fall in love with them. I want my feelings to be kept safe by someone I know well enough to give them to.

Anyways, sorry, a little tangent. I hope other people are resting and relaxing on Friday! GO WATCH PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!!! OH! And I got rid of the Blogs I Love tab/page. Instead, I made a list on the side. If you want to be added, comment anywhere :) or leave a message in the c-box. Happy Weekend!


  1. Hey Youngjoo :) Busy week huh?
    Well you're graduating from school this year, right? Me too, actually my finals are going on and I'll be soon out of the School. I always loved the idea of a prom but Indian schools don't hold proms and such, it's not part of the "culture"... Whatever. There are those stupid farewells, which we had to attend. It sucked!

    I hate dancing too, mostly because I completely suck at it :P

    Sea-sides are wonderful, no?
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I watched Pride and Prejudice a couple of nights ago and realized no man will ever love me... But it was still a good movie. LOL.
    Post a picture of you in your dress and everything! We'd love to see what you looked like on prom night.

  3. Have fun at your prom! I hate dancing too. Mostly because I hate physical contact with other people and I pretty much suck at dancing.
    I LOVE PRIDE & PREJUDICE!!!!! And the Lizzie Bennet series are just love. Did you know Lydia Bennet also has a video diary channel? :)

  4. Hi Ruya! Yeah it seems like the busy weeks won't stop!!! Unfortunately I still have 1 year left of school :( ah this summer will be so fun filling out all my college apps. Hahah I don't know how fun prom will be but I'm trying to lower my expectations. Sea sides are the best!!! I wish I lived next to a warm beach.

    Adeena: Awwh, I'm sure if Lizzie Bennet can find a Mr. Darcy, you can find someone too ;) and if not, we can be cat ladies together!! I'll be sure to post pictures next week on Sunday or Monday after prom!

    Safia: Thanks!!! I hope it'll be fun :) Yeah, I dislike physical contact and I always feel so awkward trying to dance. YESSS!!! I watched all Lydia's vlogs and the vlogs that Gigi makes. I'm so sad it's ending at 100 episodes though.....

  5. I love Pride and Prejudice! :) I've never been to prom but I know that it isn't like they portray in movies....really nice and sweet...well for some it is. Hope you have a great day and poor Reed Warbler.

  6. Hello Sanya!! I'll be sure to report about prom once I get back :) I hope it'll be a really nice and sweet nice that I don't regret going to. I've said the whole spectrum when I tell people my prom is next week. I KNOW! I felt so terrible for that Reed Warbler!