Friday, August 22, 2014

Alfonso and YJ Take Random Boston Bus Station

Hi everyone! I just landed in Boston!!!!! WOOO. I am pumped. I am a bit tired but am well fed and have all my luggage. Compared to my last trip to Northampton, MA, it's so easy. This time I'm going from the airport right in Boston and taking the Peter Pan bus to the lovely town where Smith is located. It's really difficult to get to Northampton (got to transfer from Boston airport to regular Boston to Springfield to Northampton..) so I'm here at this random bus station in Boston until 10 am. 

Alfonso is kind of saving the day.. Not only is he connecting to the wifi at this random bus terminal, he is recharging my phone and letting me listen to jazz and blog... so he's kind of the perfect companion lol. He doesn't even complain and is so low maintenance! 

So I just wanted to talk about the little layout update and the new schedule! Do you guys like the new little banner under Lost in Wonderland? It's still a work in progress. I just wanted a definite schedule in order to keep myself on track. The number of posts during 2014 has been truly appalling and I apologize dearly. I think the new tactic will be short but sweet and often. I think I'll write one long, "insightful" post per week and give little updates. I like the response "Weekly Epiphanies" had!! 

If there are any other post series you guys would like to see, please comment! And now I'll explain a bit about what these "cutesy" titles mean.

Monday Epiphanies: Why not start the week with fun mementos and little things I learned from the past week? They will be like the state of the union posts but every week and very short! 

Yoga Tuesdays: You guys already know this one!! This one will be the long, insightful post about feminism or some other current events issue. I am so excited to take some college courses that teach you how to think more intuitively and grow your perspective about the world! 

Ramblings on a Thursday: Hahaha, I think this title might be my favorite. I'm going to try to publish a short story every week, very ambitious haha. Some of them might be like 100 word quick rights, or a character description. I'm sorry I'm so horrible at ending projects.. I just don't know how to end things in a satisfying way. I keep reading old things I've written and feel sad when I reach an abrupt ending. Of course I might publish some longer pieces on the way but Ramblings on a Thursday really focuses on short, mostly unedited writes.

TV Fridays: Welllll haha. Adventure Time airs Thursday and Steven Universe is apparently picking up again!! If I find some more shows I like, I will definitely review them. I think I'm going to try to pick moments I especially liked because AV Club beats me on analysis by a long shot.... even if I don't always agree with their ratings and whatnot.

Sunday Fashion: I always wanted to be in charge of a fashion blog and that just never panned out. I don't think I have enough content for an entire fashion blog... but I think I could manage to take one nice outfit picture per week! This is also mainly for my good haha. 

With that I depart! I have to go board the next bus anyway pretty soon! Oh goodness, the next time we talk, I will be at Smith College!!!! 


  1. I've recently went back to school and it was certainly exciting but tiring as well! Good luck for college!

  2. Hey, I just nominated you for the Liebster award! Hope you can come over and visit my blog!

    1. Ah thank you!!! I definitely will. I'm so grateful that you nominated me!!

  3. Good luck with college! I love your theme for Tuesdays--taking what you learn from school and sharing it with your readers is such a great idea. I also look forward to your Sunday posts. Fashion inspiration is always fun to get :)

    -Riley XO

    1. :) Yes! I am so excited for this series too and I hope that it motivates me to follow through. School has been crazy with all this orientation stuff so I hope when things calm down, I can blog frequently.