Monday, March 25, 2013

Prom Night ♥

Hello everyone! I know the topic of my prom has been recurrent throughout this blog for a while. Being the person I am, I get excited over almost everything. Prom is one of those cliche moments that all girls look forward to for  . . . a lifetime. Even as a child, I remember watching movies all about finding true love and having the greatest moment at prom. According to movies, prom is an unforgettable night. I do admit that it's the perfect chance to scream excitedly over all your friends' dresses and hair do's. Everyone looked so pretty at prom and it's almost worth going just to see all these people. When else are you going to have a class wide party? I did have fun at prom but I don't think that the rave scene is where I belong. The DJ played the music so loud that you could feel your ears slowly going deaf. I like being able to hear people when they talk to me. Ah let's talk about the music for 2 seconds. Hahah they played part of the Harlem Shake and some Lion King Dubstep remix. I don't like dubstep.... I wish we had had a live band! Did I ever tell you about my horrible night at my first concert? Oh that's another story :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scarf Boy Part 3

Hello everyone! How perfect that the weather is stormy and dark again. I don't think I've published a Scarf Boy chapter when it wasn't this gloomy weather. I wish it would just stay one span of temperature. I'm so tired of the back and forth between sunny and rainy. Last weekend, I finally cleaned out my closet and was so excited to start wearing summer clothes. Now, the weather is back to being cold. 

My life is currently not that hectic. All the Prom stuff has sort of worked out by itself. Funny story about this. So my group of friends is friends with another group of maybe five or six girls. We all wanted to take pictures together and so all of us were about to go to this guy's house for pictures. This guy expected maybe around ten people and somehow 30 people were planning on going. My group of friends decided that we were going to take pictures elsewhere just because of common courtesy. The other group was in a more sticky situation. One of the girls needed to go the guy's house because of her date but didn't want to go alone, that's perfectly understandable, so things were really uncertain for a while. Somehow that group isn't going to the guy's house! My group of friends is going to one of the girls' houses and taking pictures all together! That's probably pretty confusing to read. Basically all the photo stuff worked out and that's such a relief. 

Here's another fun story. For my school, we take buses to get to prom. Bus sign ups started yesterday and it was so crazy. You could sign up for buses through your smart phone and somehow people double booked. Like one person signed up for two seats or two seats on different buses. I didn't know you could reserve bus seats from your phone so I decided not to do anything about that. During 7th period, my friend texted me 3 times about the buses during a history test. Good thing I remembered to keep my phone on vibrate! When I finally got around to reserving tickets, after much needed prodding, there were only 4 seats left on the bus all my friends were riding. At Monday at 8 pm, all the buses were sold out. It was worrisome because one of my friends wasn't able to get on any bus. That would've been awful if she couldn't come to prom because there weren't enough seats. The office was really busy today trying to sort out everything. Oh the prom drama.  

Well anyways. That's enough about all the complications of prom. The only thing I need to do is to buy a boutonniere! I'm so glad everything else is all done. I finally wrote another chapter of Scarf Boy so enjoy! A couple things are different about the story (just little details) so if you want you can go back to the beginning. Chapter 4 will be the last chapter but I have no idea when that'll be ready. If you're waiting for Coffee Shop, I am so sorry. I know it's been a really long wait and the story still has miles to go. Please hang in there with me and I know I can crank out a chapter sometime. xx 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader

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As you may have heard by now, Google Reader is disappearing into nothingness. I'm quite genuinely upset but change always makes people upset. Have you noticed that? People don't like to change because change is difficult. Change comes with a transition period where not everything is crystal clear.  When change happens, you lose a sense of stability and that's the worst thing in this world. I hope the transition from Google Reader to Bloglovin isn't too difficult. I have gathered 19 followers and followers truly make the process of writing that much more worthwhile. It's different when people appreciate the things you do. Blogging and writing will always ultimately be for my own happiness but it's nice to know other people can benefit from the things I write. If, and only if, you want to keep reading you can follow on Bloglovin! I think the email updates are still going out too, even after the death of Google Reader. I'll still be here if you want to read about someone else's personal turmoil.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Relaxation of the Mind

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry I've been gone for a whole week. I've been really busy and prom is coming up so that just complicates everything. I am looking forward to it but I hate dancing. I don't like being so close to people that you can feel their sweat. All people do at high school dances, to be frank, is grind and freak (I don't want to describe what that is). It's a good thing though that TG doesn't like to dance either. I really wouldn't mind simply talking to him for the whole night instead of awkwardly trying to dance. Maybe one slow dance but dancing is not my thing.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Liebster Blog Award!

Hello everyone!!!! I just had my SAT today so I'm rewinding and cleaning my very messy room. Is anyone else a stress cleaner? I love to blast music and just clean obsessively. I can't clean a little because I'm such an OCD person. I have to either clean nothing or clean everything. It irks me to try and fail. I like to accomplish goals.

Can we please talk about high heels? I went shoe shopping at the SAT and bought a pair of 4.5 inch heels. So many of the shoes were 5 inches-6 inches. WHO ARE THESE SHOES FOR? No one really seems to know. It did feel nice to tower over everything in my path for about two minutes before my feet started to sort of hate me. I'm supposed to practice wearing these shoes for 20 minutes every day so that my feet get used to it. What did my feet ever do to me? I still haven't told my parents that I have a date... or more like a guy friend who's going with me.

I don't think I have much other personal news. This week is going to be another busy one. :(