Friday, June 28, 2013

Exceptionally Boring

Hi guys! I really want to blog and blog and blog but I have nothing to say, not even a juicy tidbit of gossip for you all to feast on. The library is slowly killing me as is the hot weather... It's nice pulling out all my summer clothes though. Maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow after I help out church. My mother dearest is really happy that I don't have a social life anymore. I really wanted to go on a date with S though :( I guess it'll have to wait.. His birthday is on Sunday but I have no idea what to do giftwise. I had a lot of good ideas but none of them worked out. I would at least bake cookies or something but my lovely parents despise me baking. I've been reading a lot though. I just finished Bridget Jones' Diary and it was a very witty, smart, and funny book! I definitely recommend it. I read A Visit from the Goon Squad again and I love Jennifer Egan that much more. Beware of profanity, drug, and promiscuity? I have become re-obsessed with Animal Crossing. Did you guys know New Leaf came out? What? I must get my hands on a 3DS somehow.... I would be painting right now but my paintbrushes have all died on me :( Okay! Goodbye!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Library Days

Hi guys! My life has been pretty boring lately. All I do is study and my soul is slowly starting to die. I absolutely hate libraries and yet I'm being sent to one each and every day. My parents and I are mutually frustrated with each other and I'm a bundle of nerves. I'm reading Future of Freedom right now and it's actually enjoyable! All my European History knowledge is being put to good use. I just wanted to quickly update because I haven't posted in a long time. Maybe you'll be happy to know that I'm busily typing away at a new chapter of Coffee Shop. I still need to finish Scarf Boy and I can probably upload a new chapter of the other story I was working on. There's just so much to be done and so little time.

On Saturday, I had a splendid day. I even had dinner with S's mom and his family friend. I don't quite know what's going on with his mom and said family friend but it doesn't matter. It was really fun and the food was good if a bit salty.

My parents have pretty much eternally grounded me from having fun. Sighs. I'm sorry I am a whiny teenage girl.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New York Adventures

Hello everyone! I've missed this blog incredibly. I was so busy though during my four day trip but I definitely wanted to blog. I had the most amazing trip ever. I truly fell in love with New York and my feelings can't be expressed in words. The city is a bustling place of energy, fast paced people, and swarms of taxi cabs. There is so much to explore in New York and I'm so sad to have left it. I love the fact that everything is a simple subway ride away. I could totally imagine myself here living out a chick flick: latte in one hand, broken heel in the other, red Longchamp bag slung over my shoulder, and clinging on to the Metrocard with my teeth. Although that may not sound pleasant to anyone else, it's absolutely perfect to me.
On the first day I did a tour of Times Square and walked to this bookstore called Stacks. I saw Madison Square Garden and rode the subway for the very first time! My metrocard is hanging up on my wall as a souvenir. I also had the incredible experience of viewing Wicked (the musical) and it was truly fantastic. I cried buckets... I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I even want to see it again. My second day was spent at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and shopping at SoHo. Every single shop ever is at SoHo. I was in Zara and while I was leaving, a guy suddenly ran out and tapped this other girl. He was saying how he literally ran out to tell her how pretty she was. See, chick flick material! It's no wonder that almost all chick flicks are set in NYC. If you're wondering if I met someone special, the answer to that is NO. I have a fantastic unofficial boyfriend in S (what would a title be for that..?) The third day was my college touring day where I fell in love with NYU and Columbia. My last day was spent exploring Central Park the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wanted to stay forever there. The Met is truly incredible and the most amazing place there is. I fell in love wtih New York in my four short days. It didn't feel like four days though. No, it felt like I had been there for 2 weeks. I love the city so much. I don't know what else to say about my trip. It sort of felt like I was Cinderella . . . I'll work my butt off to go to college there. I missed NYC the minute I left... I still miss it. Tomorrow I'm starting a work routine again. It's time to study! I hope you all are having amazing summers!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hi everyone!!! As the title suggests I'm going to be away in New York City for 4 days. My flight is at 9:30 pm from San Francisco to NEW YORK CITY. I've never been to the East Coast so I'm so freakishly excited to be there. It's a "college tour" thing haha. I'm only visiting 2 colleges because somehow I found the wrong Cornell. Cornell University has an office building in NYC but the actual college is four hours away. It was an honest mistake but my mom did not think it was funny. A last minute search for suitcases yielded success. I made a New York itinerary and magically all that stuff fit into this adorable little suitcase (it's supposed to hold pens, business papers, and folders but clothes work too). It's red and I have a red Longchamp bag (that I love) and it all matches and looks so classy. It feels like a surreal scene from some chick flick.

Today, obviously I haven't stepped foot onto New York yet but I've packed everything. I'm a very methodical packer and so I thought I'd give a couple personal tips on how I like to pack. I have a terrible case of overpacking but the wonderful suitcase allowed me to pack just the right amount of clothing. I made four outfits that can be interchanged and it added up to 1 dress, 2 skirts, 3 shorts, 4 tops, 3 belts, 2 cardigans, 2 pairs of shoes, and 1 light jacket. It is a bit over but it's the best I can do. Making outfits is a lot easier than trying to put all your clothes in. I assigned occasions to all the outfits and understandably, I'm only taking my favorite pieces of clothing. I'm trying to practice packing light.

To help with that, I got some pouches! These pouches are lifesavers when it comes to packing.

One pouch is dedicated for the face stuff. (One of the little bottles got cut out of the picture :/ ) I don't really wear makeup unless it's a special occasion so all I need it some BB cream. Later I'll put in my sunblock! Deodorant is a must as is hand lotion. I put all of this stuff into a Ziploc bag and then into the pouch. 

The smallest pouch accommodates for hair ties and hair clips. The hair ties in the middle (the fabric ones) are really nice because your hair doesn't stay in that awkward pony tail state. I always bring a lot because hair ties tend to disappear. This is also where the bobby pins would go. 

The next bag is for my ribbon hair pins. I love these so much! I just got a hair cut today and these will definitely be the new alternative to hair ties (in public. I need my hair ties...) 

Shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, and my retainer holder (I dunno what this is called) all go into one pouch. This pouch was a little small for all the contents. I did the same Ziploc bag technique as seen in the face product pouch. 
So all the pouches went inside my red Longchamp bag. Inside you can see the pouches, my pencil case, a little notebook/diary thing, my white crossbody bag (the red bag is a little too big for some occasions), and a folder. My camera is also hiding in a corner. My trusty Pride and Prejudice book (mandatory English summer reading but also a great book), phone charger, and camera charger did not make the picture unfortunately. I love the red bag because it can fit so so so much. 

Matching red & red travel set. Ah it's so perfect and I am so looking forward to this trip. 

This trip though I won't be looking for a really attractive guy to make all my Korean drama dreams come true. As much as I love the first part of meeting some guy, I love the second part even more: he likes me, I like him, our drama starts. I have someone here, haha that's so weird. New York is about a 6 hour flight away. I don't think I'll be able to blog much from there but I promise to take lots and lots of pictures and upload them later (I'm not taking my laptop and my phone hates me). So I wish you all good luck here and I'll see you again on Wednesday or possibly Tuesday. I still need to figure out a nice airport travel outfit. I can't wait to be lost in New York.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Part 2

Hello everyone. I guess I can update you on part 2. We decided not to be in a relationship and that's perfectly fine with me. I'm actually happy it turned out that way. I'm not sure either of us are ready to leave that infatuation stage into serious relationship zone. I feel the same way that I did when this 6th boy at the English camp was adorably crushing on me. It's cute but I don't think it could ever be more than cute, which is fine. It's already apparent that he likes me a lot more than I like him. I'm just scared that this is all going to break his heart. I'm going to be really careful not to let that happen. 

Today we watched Up and I only cried once which is an accomplishment for me. I don't know how I can blog about this. I don't want to reduce my blog to this strange love story. He put his head on my shoulder and I put my head on his head. I then freaked out because he said his thumb lost circulation! After the movie we just sat outside the grass and it was nice. 

Well enough about my life. Here's the story I've been writing. It's not going to be as long as Coffee Shop because I'm not going to make tons and tons of characters. I did, however, add one new character named Sylvia. I have also finished Things Fall Apart because it was mandatory English reading. It was not that bad but not a riveting read. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Whirlwind Romance

Hi guys. I know, long time no see. It's summer and I was having a terrible Thursday which led to a terrible Friday which led to a weekend in anticipation and fear. Today is the first real day of summer and it's nice. I ate lunch with my dad and watched a movie with my friend D (she has a fashion/style/nail polish blog at so I'm going to shamelessly tell you to check it out). We watched Now You See Me and it was a pretty good film, full of flashy lights and a plot twist. I've managed to read Gone Girl and The Bell Jar this past week and they were both wonderful reads. I highly recommend both! Would you guys like in depth book summaries? They aren't quite my thing but I'd be happy to recap. Today I stopped by this used book store right next to the library and picked up a healthy mix of trashy and intellectual reads.

I guess I am avoiding the elephant in the room. I don't know if I really want to blog about this. My mind is still having a lot of hiccups. On Sunday morning (~4am) I was feeling sort of desolate about the events that had taken place on Saturday. I decided to play that age old question game thing. The last time I had done this was in eighth grade to find out who this guy liked (it was not me and I almost had a breakdown). As we were playing the question game, he would just add random facts that I didn't ask for. Some of those facts pertained to situations where girls liked him and he was so dense he didn't know. That hurt. I could also tell he was slightly not over his Canada friend and that also hurt. After all of this I really wanted to distance myself back to being a strictly platonic friend and stop with all the questionable elements of our friendship. Well by Sunday night, I was pissed off at him. We were just talking about our day in general (I had such a fun time at IKEA!) and somehow we were talking about prom (him saying how much he doesn't like it). He said that there was only girl he'd be okay with going to prom with (if she asked..). I had to know who. Curiosity gets the best of me. There was a point where I was just guessing every single girl that was his Facebook friend. He wouldn't tell me (I did guess myself and he said no) and it felt like I had been slapped. I would've told him everything but here he was saying he couldn't tell me this because he didn't trust me. After all that, he said that he'd tell me if I really wanted to know in person. I respected that and said he didn't have to. I didn't want to force him into telling me against his will. I left it mostly alone until this morning when I asked if I knew her. Then I just had to know.

That led to a slightly awkward confession time. And you guys can guess where it went from there. I don't know what's going to happen, at all. I don't know if either of us are ready or have time for a relationship. I just don't want things to change.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I love my friends. They are truly the greatest people anyone could ever ask for.
I had a really awesome day today. How many people taking finals can say that? I am really sad to let this year go. I'm barely holding on and it's a losing battle. It's inevitable to hold on to the past but I am quite bittersweet to be done with the year. I had amazing teachers and fantastic classes. I will miss Junior year with all its struggles and challenges and joys and smiles. I know I already posted something like this but the days are ticking down. Today I had journalism and public speaking finals.

In Journalism, we had an hour just to hang out and study and sign yearbooks. I was freaking out about my tribute speech in Public Speaking. The next hour was spent playing softball outside in the cold. I was really grumpy about this and just wanted to stay in and practice my speech. Our Journalism class has maybe 3 or 4 guys and a bunch of girls who don't even know how to hold the bat (including me...). We were playing against Sports Med. It was that stereotypical scene in any movie about high school. Sports Med had like 3 girls and 20 guys and they were all super tall, super buff, super fit. As our Editor-in-Chief noted, these guys were people who played basketball in their free time. I guess you could sort of say it was nerdy writers against sporty jocks. We knew we would get our butts kicked going in BUT somehow we tied them. I was screaming my head off in such excitement whenever we'd get a point or one of our players would catch the ball. It was a really intense game and I'm so proud of everyone in Journalism. That was definitely a good way to spend the morning.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

San Francisco Beach Trip!

Although many, many things went wrong today, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time out in nature with my family. It was so hot today and on a whim, we went out to the beach near San Francisco. It didn't feel like the type of beach where you lay out picnic blankets and read magazines while suntanning, but rather the type of beach that gives you depression in the morning and refreshes your brain by afternoon. I wore shorts and a tank top expecting to go to the warmer, formerly described beach. Instead we went on a beach hike and it ended up being really fun even if I was freezing. I really love the beach and the sound of waves crashing on the cliff. There were also some lovely views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a day well spent!