Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New York Adventures

Hello everyone! I've missed this blog incredibly. I was so busy though during my four day trip but I definitely wanted to blog. I had the most amazing trip ever. I truly fell in love with New York and my feelings can't be expressed in words. The city is a bustling place of energy, fast paced people, and swarms of taxi cabs. There is so much to explore in New York and I'm so sad to have left it. I love the fact that everything is a simple subway ride away. I could totally imagine myself here living out a chick flick: latte in one hand, broken heel in the other, red Longchamp bag slung over my shoulder, and clinging on to the Metrocard with my teeth. Although that may not sound pleasant to anyone else, it's absolutely perfect to me.
On the first day I did a tour of Times Square and walked to this bookstore called Stacks. I saw Madison Square Garden and rode the subway for the very first time! My metrocard is hanging up on my wall as a souvenir. I also had the incredible experience of viewing Wicked (the musical) and it was truly fantastic. I cried buckets... I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I even want to see it again. My second day was spent at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and shopping at SoHo. Every single shop ever is at SoHo. I was in Zara and while I was leaving, a guy suddenly ran out and tapped this other girl. He was saying how he literally ran out to tell her how pretty she was. See, chick flick material! It's no wonder that almost all chick flicks are set in NYC. If you're wondering if I met someone special, the answer to that is NO. I have a fantastic unofficial boyfriend in S (what would a title be for that..?) The third day was my college touring day where I fell in love with NYU and Columbia. My last day was spent exploring Central Park the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wanted to stay forever there. The Met is truly incredible and the most amazing place there is. I fell in love wtih New York in my four short days. It didn't feel like four days though. No, it felt like I had been there for 2 weeks. I love the city so much. I don't know what else to say about my trip. It sort of felt like I was Cinderella . . . I'll work my butt off to go to college there. I missed NYC the minute I left... I still miss it. Tomorrow I'm starting a work routine again. It's time to study! I hope you all are having amazing summers!


  1. New York was wonderful! I also visited a couple of weeks ago. I live in the suburbs, and I believe that just sitting in Times Square for an entire day would be 8 hours well spent :) Glad you had so much fun!

  2. Looks incredible! I'd love to go there someday. Glad you enjoyed it ^.^

  3. Back again hahaha !
    I love NY too ! I went there when I was little but now I can't remember anything :( I understand how you feel about the thought of living the glamour fantastic life in NEW YORK ! Ugh.. I hope to go there when I'm older !