Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I love my friends. They are truly the greatest people anyone could ever ask for.
I had a really awesome day today. How many people taking finals can say that? I am really sad to let this year go. I'm barely holding on and it's a losing battle. It's inevitable to hold on to the past but I am quite bittersweet to be done with the year. I had amazing teachers and fantastic classes. I will miss Junior year with all its struggles and challenges and joys and smiles. I know I already posted something like this but the days are ticking down. Today I had journalism and public speaking finals.

In Journalism, we had an hour just to hang out and study and sign yearbooks. I was freaking out about my tribute speech in Public Speaking. The next hour was spent playing softball outside in the cold. I was really grumpy about this and just wanted to stay in and practice my speech. Our Journalism class has maybe 3 or 4 guys and a bunch of girls who don't even know how to hold the bat (including me...). We were playing against Sports Med. It was that stereotypical scene in any movie about high school. Sports Med had like 3 girls and 20 guys and they were all super tall, super buff, super fit. As our Editor-in-Chief noted, these guys were people who played basketball in their free time. I guess you could sort of say it was nerdy writers against sporty jocks. We knew we would get our butts kicked going in BUT somehow we tied them. I was screaming my head off in such excitement whenever we'd get a point or one of our players would catch the ball. It was a really intense game and I'm so proud of everyone in Journalism. That was definitely a good way to spend the morning.

I now have 5 different fonts used in the Pokemon game.
After those two hours, I had my public speaking final. For our final, we wrote speeches for another person. I think I already told you guys that I chose to tribute S. I chose S because I actually know him and he's not very social. It'd be easy for me write nice, specific compliments but terribly difficult for someone who isn't friends with him (which is the majority of the pub class). I made a powerpoint presentation relating our friendship to Pokemon. It was a pretty good speech, if I do say so myself, and the best part was that he really liked it. He didn't even say anything critical about it. I also don't think that he can say I'm not a little skilled with computers. I did this without using Photoshop! Anyone interested in doing this type of thing on a Mac should really invest in Pages.
The real game 
Granted the letters aren't perfectly aligned but. . . I was too frustrated to bother with that. I've never watched so many Youtube videos with the title "Pokemon Diamond start screen" but I'm so grateful people upload videos like that. I also searched through a lot of forums for the right fonts. The tribute speeches were all so good because people really took the time to put thought and consideration. We had so many musical speeches and poems. The person tributing me, a girl I also have English with, wrote a parody song according to the tune of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and the class helped sing the chorus. I really enjoyed today and it made me so happy that I decided to take Public Speaking. It truly felt like a family atmosphere. I never stared up at the clock once.
I had a serious debate whether to color it or not. It looked cool in just black and white
but I'm so glad that I did color it. I had a lot of fun doing this. :) 
Part of the tribute speech is getting a little gift. I didn't have that much time to prepare a gift and sort of forgot to go to the store until it was too late. I made a watercolor painting and found some really cool Korean stationary. Watercolor paintings always aggravate me because the sides of the page curl up. I put textbooks on top of the sketch pad but somehow the corners still curled. It was a really different type of drawing but I like how it turned out. I also gave up my speech bubble post-it notes. I have way too many post-it notes anyway though. Today was the best day ever but now I do need to study for some real tests.

I guess you guys could also be wondering about S. I suppose that's reasonable. We hang a lot, especially since school ends at 12 pm. Yesterday, we hung out for four hours trying to make a song for his tribute speech. (I get roughly half credit for lyrics). We did a parody of Dumb Ways to Die and it was great. S is a really talented musician. He also made food which was a plus! If I'm to be perfectly honest, my stomach goes ballistic when he gets sort of close. My heartbeat increases to 201382903812938208 beats per minute. I do admit that I do like him a teensy little bit. There I said it. Bye!

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