Friday, June 28, 2013

Exceptionally Boring

Hi guys! I really want to blog and blog and blog but I have nothing to say, not even a juicy tidbit of gossip for you all to feast on. The library is slowly killing me as is the hot weather... It's nice pulling out all my summer clothes though. Maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow after I help out church. My mother dearest is really happy that I don't have a social life anymore. I really wanted to go on a date with S though :( I guess it'll have to wait.. His birthday is on Sunday but I have no idea what to do giftwise. I had a lot of good ideas but none of them worked out. I would at least bake cookies or something but my lovely parents despise me baking. I've been reading a lot though. I just finished Bridget Jones' Diary and it was a very witty, smart, and funny book! I definitely recommend it. I read A Visit from the Goon Squad again and I love Jennifer Egan that much more. Beware of profanity, drug, and promiscuity? I have become re-obsessed with Animal Crossing. Did you guys know New Leaf came out? What? I must get my hands on a 3DS somehow.... I would be painting right now but my paintbrushes have all died on me :( Okay! Goodbye!

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