Monday, March 25, 2013

Prom Night ♥

Hello everyone! I know the topic of my prom has been recurrent throughout this blog for a while. Being the person I am, I get excited over almost everything. Prom is one of those cliche moments that all girls look forward to for  . . . a lifetime. Even as a child, I remember watching movies all about finding true love and having the greatest moment at prom. According to movies, prom is an unforgettable night. I do admit that it's the perfect chance to scream excitedly over all your friends' dresses and hair do's. Everyone looked so pretty at prom and it's almost worth going just to see all these people. When else are you going to have a class wide party? I did have fun at prom but I don't think that the rave scene is where I belong. The DJ played the music so loud that you could feel your ears slowly going deaf. I like being able to hear people when they talk to me. Ah let's talk about the music for 2 seconds. Hahah they played part of the Harlem Shake and some Lion King Dubstep remix. I don't like dubstep.... I wish we had had a live band! Did I ever tell you about my horrible night at my first concert? Oh that's another story :)

There were two rooms on the "dance hall" and I spent the majority of the night in the other room away from the craziness. In the other room they had poker, blackjack, roulette etc, AND A PHOTO BOOTH! I had so much fun in the photo booth! Except I'm not sure what happened to all the pictures. It's a mystery! On Facebook the next day, my feed exploded with everybody's prom pictures. Ah they're pretty to look at but so distracting. And you discover photos that you weren't aware were taken. I always pride myself in being able to dodge photos but obviously my skills were not good enough.

One thing to think about is heel height. I wore my 4.5 inch death trap for maybe 40 minutes and my feet were killing me. I wasn't willing enough to go to many different shoe stores but I wanted nude/white shoes. I bought the first pair of pretty shoes I saw that were nude color. I took them off after the dinner because being short is better than breaking a heel, or an ankle. My school is weird and made us go to prom on buses. Apparently it's not this way senior year!

My phone stopped taking pictures... I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. When it functions it's great but I can't even count on it to function perfectly every time... It's just like my locker!!!! My locker rarely ever opens for me. It's sad that I am excited when it opens. Anyways! I don't have that many pictures because my phone couldn't take pictures and my bag couldn't fit my camera. Prom pictures are always in high demand. I'll post continually as I find them. Most of them are here though!

Here are some tips for a fun prom night: 

Go with someone you'll have fun with
My friend was just telling me how she was annoyed with people who didn't talk to their dates. It really is awful to be stuck in a 30 minute car ride and have absolutely nothing to say. What annoyed me too was the fact that a lot of seniors just used dateless junior boys to get to prom. The only sign that they went together is a single before- prom picture at someone's house. I luckily did not have that issue. My friend was sitting directly in front of us and she kept saying how much of a third wheel she was, when she really, really wasn't. If you don't want to be considered a third wheel, the first thing you do is never mention the words "third" and "wheel." My other friend had another issue. She invited a senior guy as friends but didn't think that he'd follow her haha. If you invite someone make sure you want to hang out with them too. It's funny when someone else cares more about the well being of your date than you. Apparently he invited her to hang out over spring break (OH MY GOODNESS SPRING BREAK!) and she's slightly worried that he has the wrong idea.
Hug lots of people
I don't like giving hugs. I never really grew up with hugs and I like having my own personal space. But, I think prom is an exception. Prom and graduation. I make up all the lost hugs on special occasions.
Practice walking in your heels
Obvious reasons. But if you don't master walking in 4.5 inch heels in time, make sure you have a trusted friend who can help you. Be careful especially after prom when it's dark outside. I don't like to cling to people but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Start emergency skin care about 1-2 weeks before
My skin isn't terrible but breakouts always happen right before important events such as prom. First of all, don't worry so much. The power of makeup is fantastic. Concealer is magic! Secondly, acne is treatable. I did homemade DIY facial masks the week before prom. I mixed honey and lemon together and put it on my face for about 10-30 minutes. Sometimes I would fall asleep unintentionally. Honey and lemon facial masks especially help tired skin. It really helped alleviate dark circles.
Shop early!!!
I know some people scoff at the fact that the Facebook J Prom dress group was made in January. However, it's great to be prepared early! Buying your dress and shoes before the prom rush starts is a good way to ensure that you'll have a dress you like and are comfortable in. When you go last minute shopping, you face sold out dresses, lack of sizes, and unhappy prom memories. I'm not advocating that you buy your dress six months in advance but starting to get ready a month or two months before is a smart idea.
Communication is really important
Hahaha, if you look at my phone log there's 4 missed calls from him and 4 calls that he missed from me. Whenever I'd pick up, my phone would hang up the call. And you can't do anything with nail polish that isn't dry yet. Plans do change so be flexible! If I can be flexible then you probably can too.
Don't stress about the little things
Miraculously things do work out by themselves. Number 1 example of this is the prom picture place. In the end, it really wasn't that big of a deal. A lot of people couldn't make it because people are busy. There are many, many photo opportunities! Slow dancing is also not something you should worry about. Don't feel self conscience while dancing either. You're just having a good time with all the people you like to hang out with.
Do not inhale hair spray & try to take off jeans with not quite dry nail polish.
Ahaha, self explanatory? Hair spray is toxic. It took two showers to get it out of my hair completely. Nail polish is a pain. It's hard to take off and hard to put on and a hassle. Sparkly nail polish will not come off nails without a fight. It's so pretty though.
Don't accidentally wave to people and call them by other people's names because you can't see. Blindness is not a good excuse I guess.
Expect the hoard of Facebook photos!
They are fun to look at! Especially since you don't see all your classmates at prom.
Have fun :) That's really the most important thing of all!


  1. Aw you look oh-so-pretty :)
    The dress is gorgeous :)

  2. You look so beautiful in that dress! Like an angel! :) Looks like you had a lot of fun and I love your heels even though I understand how your feet got so tired!


  3. You look beautiful and it looks like you had a wonderful time! I love your dress!


  4. Aww, you are so beautiful in that dress! I am glad you had fun c: Thanks for the prom tips, too!

    ♥, Safia

  5. Love your dress! (: Great advice as well (:

  6. Awh thanks so much Safia and Emily! I hope you guys have fun at your prom too! :)

  7. That sounds great.
    Just like you hoped it would be.:)