Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hello Spring!

As the title already mentions, hello spring! This past week has marked spring break and I had so much fun just enjoying life. I really took this break as an opportunity to breathe outside home. I don't have pictures just because I feel that pictures sometimes take away from the moment. I hang out with people and eat food to cherish it, not to show it (I am also not a fan of photos..). Here's a basic list of how I spent my spring break happily content right at home.

  • Watching Divergent with friends! 
  • Hemming my ball dress and getting Vietnamese food on a rainy Monday afternoon. 
  • Rolling around in bed and reading and reading and reading. 
  • Catching up with an old friend over frozen yogurt and college touring. 
  • Watching Korean dramas!!!! 
  • Going to San Francisco with friends! We ate lots of food and dress shopped. It's so fun trying on dresses you never get to wear. I also found a sweater from Top Shop that was 50% off, what a steal! 
  • Eating flatbread pizza with TG (remember him?) and catching up about college and the non-happenings of high school. I also got to experience ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. I have to say...real ice cream tastes better.... 
  • Going to dinner with the fam at a nice Japanese restaurant. 
  • Ogling Kate Spade online. Why is everything so pretty (and super expensive...)? 
  • Going out to SF for college sessions! 
I'm just so excited for college. I'm so excited for that freedom of being an individual. I really want to learn how to cook. It seems so fun. I can bake like a pro (in my dreams..) but I've never been able to make a delicious meal (but if you need a pie, hit me up! jk, it'll probably not be that good..). Spring has sort of revitalized me. I'm in the midst of one of the most difficult and important decisions of my life. It's a little bit more drastic than "should I get my hair cut?" Even a simple question like that takes so much deliberation on my part. I'm learning to slowly let go of the past. 

I don't want every post to be about S but this blog is also a platform for organizing my thoughts. I talked to him over break just because I thought of an old memory. It turns out he never really meant to keep a long distance relationship with me. That really took me by surprise and for a few days, I felt incredibly sad. I do think that I gave a little bit too much of myself. It was almost to the point where I would base my life's ambition on somewhere that would also fit with him. I'm only 17 years old. It's way too early to give up the dream of living in the city, commanding the sidewalk with cute heels and a new bag once in a while, riding the subway all the time to work, etc. In the long run, a break was probably the best outcome. I've never been the type of person to compromise on goals and there isn't any reason why I should start now. His life revolved around getting into a good college and then a good job and living in a nice house with a picket fence and a lawn. A homely little woman who does her thing but is more than willing to compromise. I'm definitely not that girl. 

I hope starting this week, I can post more, exercise more, and maybe take a few photos once in a while. xx thanks for reading. 


  1. "You go, girl! Follow your dreams!" (sorry for that outburst) Also, cool to see that you're blogging again, I really like your opinion pieces :)

    - The Fence Of Stars (formerly quirks-and-irks)

    1. Haha thank you :) It's wonderful to be back! I will definitely start writing more of my musings.

  2. Aw, I'm sorry that made you sad for a bit. It can be hard when you've built up dreams. But props for bouncing back so quickly! :) That's pretty amazing.

    Also, if you want to include photos in your post, maybe taking a picture of the outside. Like, just one, what your surroundings were while you wrote the post or what spring looks like for you. I'm certainly interested! :3 But no pressure, blogging is much more about words than pictures. And your words are always well thought out and beautiful. ^.^

    1. Haha it's a continuous process of good times balanced with struggles. Thanks for the support :)
      I will try!!! I just always forget >.>
      You're too sweet :3

  3. That sounds lovely! I wish I had a frozen yogurt place near me so that I could go whenever I wanted :)

    1. Yes! This break was particularly fun :)