Monday, April 21, 2014

The Paradox of Bowling Shoes

I know this blog has been going on a downwards slump which reflects the state of my life. So I'm going to pick myself up and be back running for the month of May! I want to work on new blog designs, new stories, new rants about feminism, actual updates on my subpages, etc. So bear with me as I take a short break to get it back up to speed.

Things I want to accomplish:
-new blog layout . . . 
-one photo a month for a collective little moment (like a collage of 30 or so photos)
-posts for the happenings of my exercise and reading.. 
-a new updated schedule of the things I want to post: I have a tentative plan in mind. I want to continue writing fiction, start writing reviews/my own analysis of my favorite tv shows, feminism rants (most of the musings have been feminism related..), and probably some more stuff that I think of.. 
-fashion T.T (I don't have someone to take artsy photos in the background of beautiful nature)

In the next few months, I'm transitioning into a college student. I definitely want to continue blogging and document the growth of life. I'm not sure how being a college student will affect this blog yet. I'm guessing layout will be a large factor in the change. It's a bright, vibrant, chaotic time in my life. 

I'll leave you with a zany little thought though. I don't go bowling much but when I do, I revel in wearing bowling shoes. I have pretty small feet even in normal circumstances, but somehow my feet look even smaller and so cute in bowling shoes. Bowling shoes started my love of oxfords. Yet, for people with larger feet, bowling shoes can make your feet look extremely large like clown feet. I thought that was an interesting paradox. 

Haha, see you in May! 

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