Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dot Patrol

Hello everyone! Perhaps you've noticed that there are some major changes on my blog. I'm back for real :) However with AP tests looming (literally at my nose), these two weeks will be tough to post anything insightful, inspirational, or even zany. I'm just going to be working on some of the minor design changes while waiting for the storm to pass.

Things I have accomplished thus far:
-new blog layout! do you guys like it? I went for the clean, easy, yet whimsical look. I got rid of the button and the chat box thing because I felt that they weren't that useful... comment your wonderful thoughts instead :3
-one photo thing. So I found a great way to integrate instagram into this blog. I have a brand new instagram meant solely for capturing one daily moment of every day. The app reloads every 30 mins so there should be a new little photo waiting for you :) It's a lot simpler for me to take a pic and have it upload straight instead of having a tab and a collage and what not. It also kills two birds with one stone, because I'll take pictures of my better outfits :) My fashion isn't developed enough to have a whole tab. If you click one photo, my profile comes up with all the photos I've taken so far with this new instagram. If you have a hankering to keep up with my daily moments follow at yawn1.
-I WILL update my reading and exercise tabs. I just don't have any new content yet..
-I'm still working on that schedule and a place to put it too.

So I also found a new url that represents this stage of my life better than pinkstoryofme. Dotpatrol seems my essence. It doesn't really make sense but it's quirky and adorable for reasons unexplainable. There's no larger story or deep message to it. You miss a lot of things when you overanalyze, as I've slowly been learning. I'm not a hipster in a sense that I like things from the 1970s or obscure movies and literature just to be anti-mainstream. I just get really excited by obscurity and the word quirky. This blog is simply dotpatrol. It's simply me.

xx see you soon

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