Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let Guys Watch Gossip Girls

Hi! So as the craziness of senior year bubbles down, I have a lot more time to muse, to think, and to just write something that's bugging me. I think I have a tentative schedule going! Come back every Monday for some thoughtful analysis of Adventure Time (tied to life lessons and literature) and Wednesdays will be reserved for musings mostly about feminism and gender roles. 

So today is all about gender roles (a break from feminism rants). With all the ball chaos, I met one of my friends' dates. (I am the reason they are going together, or at least I like to think I contributed). Let's call him R. There are just some people I connect SUPER well with. L is one of them as is TG and S. Some people say that friendships and relationships are built over time and I agree and disagree with that. There are some people you will never connect with on a deeper level despite how much time passes. With S, I didn't initially like him romantically but that changed over time. Anyways. I promisee that R is just a platonic friend (he's really NOT my type). We are like the same person and it's nice having someone to rant to and talk about past heartache with. Someone who hates being alone and someone who feels that emptiness sink in when all the people have left. 

R started watching Gossip Girl because of something to do with J (the date to prom). He was telling me that some people in stat ruined the last season because they were talking about it and how he couldn't tell them to stop because he didn't want anyone to know that he also watched. It seems a lot more acceptable nowadays for girls to do whatever they want to. When a girl takes up basketball or something deemed masculine, there seems to be a lot of support for her. Girls challenging the norm (asking guys to ball/prom, being CEO, arguing) is highlighted by the community. Yet guys are not applauded when they also things that are deemed more feminine (watching Gossip Girl, cooking, taking care of the family). Just as girls should be confident, good at math, and daring, guys should have that freedom to like drama (or dramatic tv at least), fashion, cleanliness, etc. 

If a guy wants to watch Gossip Girl, what is wrong with that? If a girl knows everything about football, why is that strange? 

As I said last week, #feminism is a bad slogan. By encouraging only gender to pursue things that aren't in the social norm, guys are not receiving the support they deserve either. People should be encouraged to do whatever the heck they want to do. 

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