Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy: One Girl's Day Off from School

Creme Brulee food truck, Darcy the adorable hedgehog, and the Pier! 
My name is not Ferris Bueller but my life was pretty charmed today. Every senior in the United States has something called ditch day. Seniors collectively choose one day to purposely skip and enjoy together. It's a tradition at my school to go to the beach. When one of my friends couldn't go to the beach because her parents didn't trust teen driving, J and I decided to go to San Francisco together. At the end of the day, I couldn't leave one of my close friends behind to hang out with people that I didn't really know. I was sorely torn because I've missed every other class wide event (I decided to sleep over at J's house after ball, I decided to not participate in the schoolwide camp out). I go to San Francisco frequently and I didn't think it was going to be as much fun as sitting on the hot sand with the waves lapping at your feet. R, Jenny's "friend" (if you know what I mean) also skipped school (he doesn't go to our school...) and joined us! They're too cute together. It was more than the perfect day I have ever wanted.
We started the day off with a fun little shopping trip. I felt really bad for R because well, he's not really into shopping. My other friends aren't really either so it was basically just me trying on a lot of different clothes. I found a beautiful statement necklace and THIS AWESOME SHIRT THAT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE AN ANGEL. We took a bus down to Japantown and had lunch! I have never had Japanese ramen and it was delicious. We also had the chance to take those cool Japanese sticker photo things. Super expensive and stressful but SO RAD. After that, we looked at stationary and pencils and had some crepes. We went back to the shopping centre of San Francisco and continued walking until Embarcadero.

We passed so many tall buildings and that wonderful Creme Brulee food truck. If I wasn't so full, I would've definitely had some. I could actually imagine myself living in San Francisco, not just New York. They do have different vibes but I love the idea of living amongst tall buildings and finding little cafes tucked under. I love small spaces and vibrant energy. 

Embarcadero is amazing. It was my first time there and I fell in love instantly with everything. It's the perfect for a hipster. Not only did they have a cool, artsy street fair, they also had a bounty of hipsteresque stores inside the Ferry Building. There was everything from Blue Bottle coffee to homemade honey to ice cream to artisan bowls, everything! It was such a cute little building and I wanted to stay there forever. I guess I did see the ocean after all. 

I'm kind of okay with being a square. (The beach looked really gross today and I wouldn't have given up my magical moment for the world). Sure, it's tempting to become wasted in some dark room with a bunch of other people but that's not who I am and that's not the kind of fun I have. I love to freak out about cat paintings and food trucks. I love to walk around and feel alive in a city. I'm really excited for college and I trust myself not to make bad decisions.

When observing R and J (many squeals were shared by me and M, well mainly me), I also realized that I wanted to wait for another relationship. I don't want to try anything more with S or the guy who is going to Amherst. I will let love find me. 

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