Monday, June 24, 2013

Library Days

Hi guys! My life has been pretty boring lately. All I do is study and my soul is slowly starting to die. I absolutely hate libraries and yet I'm being sent to one each and every day. My parents and I are mutually frustrated with each other and I'm a bundle of nerves. I'm reading Future of Freedom right now and it's actually enjoyable! All my European History knowledge is being put to good use. I just wanted to quickly update because I haven't posted in a long time. Maybe you'll be happy to know that I'm busily typing away at a new chapter of Coffee Shop. I still need to finish Scarf Boy and I can probably upload a new chapter of the other story I was working on. There's just so much to be done and so little time.

On Saturday, I had a splendid day. I even had dinner with S's mom and his family friend. I don't quite know what's going on with his mom and said family friend but it doesn't matter. It was really fun and the food was good if a bit salty.

My parents have pretty much eternally grounded me from having fun. Sighs. I'm sorry I am a whiny teenage girl.

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