Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Icm+: The Woes of Packing

Beautiful outing with beautiful friends.
Hi everyone! I'm back in sunny California where the weather is actually gross and foggy in the morning. I've been saying my goodbyes and surprisingly, it hasn't been that sad. Maybe it's due to technology or the yearning for freedom, but I haven't cried and leaving doesn't seem so permanent. Leaving for college doesn't seem so real yet... it helps that a lot of my friends are on the East Coast and that a thing called Facebook exists. The reason I'm not sad is because I don't think I'll be severed from the people I actually care about. Of course I won't talk to old friends every day (that's ridiculous, we are busy people) but I can chat once in a while and drop by in December and the friendship lives on.

Somehow with the invention of social media, there is that expectation to talk everyday but that's really impossible. I'm kind of excited to keep in touch but also have that opportunity to meet new people.

And here is the 1cm+ of the day: packing. I usually like packing but packing has consumed and taken over my life and made it absolutely miserable. I own a lot more clothing than I expected and well.. I had a glorious image of packing in my head before the actual process started. I was going to create a time lapse video or a series of very cool, edited photos. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, packing sucks, a lot. So I think this would be best done with a few tips, a few memorable quotes from my mother, and a photo montage showing you my pain. I'm not done yet but the finally packed up luggage will be shared on my instagram for this blog. 

Early in the game. 
1. Do not take garbage. 
Hahaha, I don't mean this in the sense of actual garbage but just clothes that you've only ever worn once. No you will not wear it more when you go off to a place far, far away. Do not bring too many sentimental notebooks or heavy photo frames. You are not going in the wilderness (unless you are..), you are fully capable of buying new essentials once you get there. College packing is also the perfect time to empty out your wardrobe of things you never liked. Do not bring books... books are heavy and it's not like you're going to be cooped up in your dorm room reading your favorite YA books.. (jokes, I don't read YA..)

2. Be creative!
My dad ordered those vacuum seal space saving bags late so I had to make my own! This is just one example of my t-shirts being stuffed into my own space saving bags. 

So if you order a lot of clothes off the internet, they all come in nice little plastic packaging. All this packaging has one single hole on the side. I just taped it down after stuffing with masking tape. Once it's sealed tightly, I sat on it lol. All the air left and I had my own vacuum sealed bag! 

The space bags are supposed to come tomorrow so I'm saving those for outerwear and other things that can't just be stuffed easily. 

Here are some more examples! 

The skirt collection

Pants were kind of difficult to stuff but it is definitely possible. 

the sweaters! 

Little remnants of summer! 

I haven't decided on which bags I want to bring yet... 

The left showcases some dresses! And the right photo is of the outerwear I plan on taking!! 

I did not take a picture of my shoes but here we go as listed:

+Sparkly blue boots
+Brown fuzzy boots
+Flat black sandals
+Tall black sandals (heeled)
+Leather oxfords
+Running shoes (YES!)
+Shower shoes 
I am ditching the Uggs everyone. 

So that's that! Here are some memorable quotes from my mother everyone.

"You look like you're moving out of the house."
"I am, mom."

"Your room looks like a moving center."
"Erm, it kind of is, mom."

"Why in the world do you need so many shoes?"
"Shoes run the world."

Ignore my feet... the top four photos are variations on the same dress. I used a lot of the same clothes but I feel like the mood and tone of each outfit is very different! That's what I love about fashion. Subtle, minor changes like a bag/shoes/coat are essential. Clothing is so versatile and fun to play around with! 
The suitcase count is at 4. 

Okay so now for a real treat! I know my fashion blog never took off and maybe it's still something that could happen in the future but for now.. here are some variations of outfits that I made. I know the photos are quite . . . basic haha. No fancy backgrounds, you can barely see my face in a lot of them.. but here are some representations of average clothing I wear! 


  1. Those outfits all look cool :) Hope you have a great time at college, my friend started at the London School of Economics last year and absolutely loves it, even though she was really nervous at first :) And yeah, it must feel weird to move away but it's good that you're not getting down about it, and that you're just looking forward to it as a new chapter. :)

    1. Thank you!! I love getting any feedback on the outfits that I make :)
      The London School of Economics sounds SUPER COOL. I hope to study abroad somewhere in Europe during my four years of college.
      Haha, I think that's just the best way to go about it... I would be way too nervous and overwhelmed if not!

  2. I wish I had your fashion sense :/
    Also, I nominated you for The Sunshine Award! :)

    1. Ah thank you, thank you!!
      Okay!! I will check it out :) gratzi!

  3. Wow, your method for packing is so organized--I wish I'd bothered to be more like you while I was getting ready for school! Good luck with it all! :)

    -Riley XO