Sunday, September 30, 2012

Greetings from the Pear Festival

Oh my goodness. Yesterday was just one of the longest days ever. I miss the pro host who recently went off to college. He was so good at working Garage Band and recording and such. Some video people wanted to make some sort of video for our booth at the Pear Festival and it took them forever to set up a scene and get the right shots. In the time that we could've finished three shows, we barely got through 2 because of those people. Sighhhs.

Other than that, my weekend was just okay. Nothing spectacular this weekend. School is taking an emotional toll on me. But yeah, I have some app reviews for this week.

Tiny Tower
It's a really fun game that happens to be really addictive as well. Sometimes you just have to delete it, probably at one point.

Fashion Story
Also a really fun game that needs to be deleted at one point. :) I like most of the ___ Story games.

Sorry for such a short blog. xx

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