Monday, September 17, 2012

Hair Cuts are Awful

People always say that hair cuts don't really matter since hair grows out anyway. That statement is half true. Yes, if you wait over a month, your hair will grow back to normal. But what about the month where your hair is awful? I've had my share of haircuts. I never really like my hair cut until a certain amount of time passes away. I've gotten several perms (understatement!) to my hair. One year my hair was perfectly straight, too straight, another curly curly, the next year a sort of in between of curly and straight. This year it's a nice wave curl thing. My natural hair is just weird now though because none of the perms have fully left my hair. It's just a melting pot of different hair types. I don't even know what to tell people about my natural hair anymore. I really love the hair I have now though, maybe you'll agree. I guess you guys don't have more to compare it to.

Hair cuts make guys look so different, especially guys. For girls, normally, hair cuts are eh or great. There aren't too many that are awful, although I have had some disastrous hair cuts. I bring this matter up because every time I like a guy, he gets a hair cut and that just ruins everything. It takes some time to get used to the new hair cut and facial structure. Or more like, facial structure you haven't seen before, ever. 

So do you guys remember the guy I talked about before, who signed my yearbook? I think I wrote about how my friend did that for me which was the greatest thing ever. He got a hair cut and doesn't look cute anymore. He just looks like a normal, non-cute, Asian guy... Sigh... hair cuts. I hate getting hair cuts but sometimes they are needed. 

Some guys do look good with short hair but they never grow their hair out so you never really know that they look good with short hair. There's my strange and long thought of the day.

What was your worst hair cut?
PS: I got 13 views from an iPad in Sweden. Is that cool? I think it's so cool! I'm sorry if this sounds so stalkerish right now. So I wrote about Simogo yesterday and the creators of Simogo live in Sweden... Is that at all possible? I would be so amazed and grateful and amazed. 

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