Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cursed by Fate

In every single English class in high school, fate is a big deal. All serious, think-y books have that aspect. Take Romeo and Juliet for example. They were star-crossed lovers which means that basically fate did not want them to be together. Here's my five minute summary.
There was this guy named Romeo who lived a pretty nice life and then there was Juliet who had crazy parents but you know she was pretty well off too. Romeo met Juliet at a party while he was still grieving about a girl named Rosalind breaking his heart. He was a drama queen, clearly. Juliet's nanny told her not to meet up with this guy because he was bad news. She didn't care because he was one hot guy. So they "fell in love" in a span of pretty much one day and decided that they were perfect for each other. But since their parents didn't want this to happen, Romeo and Juliet have a clandestine wedding and make plans to run away. Romeo is banished from the city for killing Juliet's cousin because that cousin killed Romeo's best friend. Romeo grieves all the way to his banished city because he can't see Juliet, even though it's only been one day. I don't know what he'd think about long distance couples. Juliet sends a letter to Romeo but the messenger gets stuck in a city because of a plague epidemic. He is quarantined but the letter is not sent. Juliet takes some sort of medicine that makes her seem dead for three days. She is in a burial casket when Romeo comes strolling into town because this is the day they plan to run off. He sees her dead and never got the letter that this was planned. He kills himself, she wakes up, kills herself too and no one is happy. Yeah, I guess fate really wanted to keep them apart. In the end, it's hard to say who beat what. Did they beat fate by dying together? Was it fate who had the last laugh? The world will never know the answers to these questions. That's why essays work, because no one really has an answer for both sides. Everything is just opinion.

Think about East of Eden then. Adam Trask is basically cursed by fate. It would be too long to give you a summary when Wikipedia just does an outstanding job. He is cursed but he decides that one can fight it and make their own choices, which I guess Romeo and Juliet both did by committing suicide. There are so many other ways to fight fate than suicide. I promise you that.

But then we come to a very confusing question. How much of our life is controlled by fate? Did I choose to eat a sandwich at lunch because fate wanted me too? Did fate put me in a situation where eating the sandwich was the better choice? Are we making rebellious choices or playing into fate's hand? I can't answer any of these questions with confidence. I just know that fate hates me.

I told you briefly about that guy who is in my math class again who I spent a whole six weeks of summer with in Pre-Calculus. Well I sat by him almost through the entire sophomore school year. And now we were in the same class. In my math class, we switch seats every two weeks. We're using a new program to keep track of homework and communication between students and teachers called School Loop. School Loop is pretty nice and useful compared to BlackBoard, which we used to use. Well handy dandy School Loop has a random seats maker... and it put me next to him. I wanted to know exactly what the chances of that were. It's awful and seems to happen rather frequently, where I am put next to him. My friend half laughed at me and said as a joke how fate wants us to be together. Never ever ever ever will that happen. Mark my words. I sit by that friend though and a ton of other super cool people so I guess it evens out somewhat.

I'm still sort of peeved that the guy I liked freshman year moved to Connecticut. I guess he can be CG (Connecticut Guy). I was pretty upset the week before summer freshman year for some odd reason that I can't remember but it had to do with him. I told my friend that I hoped I didn't have any classes with CG. Not only did I not have classes with him, he moved to the other side of the US. Fate is weird, so weird. So be careful what you wish for. Here's a brief story about fate changing its mind.

I moved to California and my family was looking for churches. We found a church finally after trying maybe two haha and I met him there. I did see him around but it wasn't really "love at first sight". Then the church went on a summer retreat and even though I didn't really get to know him I found out a couple things. He was so incredibly nice to me and wasn't half bad looking (fine, he was actually pretty attractive). I was rooming with this girl who had an obvious crush on him. She sort of threatened me not to like him. I didn't know that he was going to my school until I saw him in my history class on the first day of school. Isn't that weird? I thought it was weird. But yeah, I won't continue. And the really hysterical thing is that I'm not completely over him yet.

I did see TG today but the keyword is see. He walked away to cross country practice. Today in an odd twist of events I saw another friend walking to her locker. Then we went to my locker and no one really crowded around the library today. That's where I usually talk to TG and other people. So today was a pretty unlucky day in general.


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