Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday is All About Me

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of Coffee Shop. I hope you also checked my story based on A Separate Peace. It's my friend's birthday today :) Happy birthday L! But as usual, Friday means question time.

Q1: What is the most stressful thing right now?
A1: I would say coming up with an Individual Event speech (youtube it if you don't know) for public speaking. We have to memorize a ten minute speech and I really want to do an original prose and poetry speech because I can write funny stuff, whether you agree with that or not. However, I really can't act and I'm not all that confident with different voices, which is a big problem for people doing OPP. I wish I was naturally confident and funny but then again who doesn't. I've never really been all that good at acting. I think I've become too self conscience to be good because acting really is an all or nothing type of thing: you can't be mediocre at acting, you're good or you aren't. Especially in most public speaking IE's, you're by yourself so you have to be all the characters. Right now, I'm just focusing on writing a story that I love.

Q2: Favorite Youtube stars?
A2: I have a lot but I'll pick a couple that I love. I love Wongfu Productions. It's sort of my fantasy to meet them or go to one of their ISA concerts. I miss their old stuff and their weekly updates but I'm looking forward to their future projects. Going along with Wongfu, I am a fan of David Choi and Nigahiga. I watched a lot of Internet Icon but since I was in Korea I wasn't able to watch the last half. When I came back, I just didn't want to watch it. It's one of those competition shows where you want to watch it in the moment. I also am a huge fan of Vlogbrothers and their other channel CrashCourse. I watch Jenna Marbles and David So sometimes but their cursing gets to me. There are so many others too. :) I love Youtube.

Q3: Favorite Korean dramas?
A3: These are my guilty pleasure... I like a couple, not too many. I like Baker King, Kim Takgu. I don't know the official titles in English. I was a fan of Secret Garden and Protect the Boss. King 2 Hearts. Big. The one that I love right now, that just ended, is Reply 1997.

Q4: Most exciting thing this week?
A4: Hmm, well there was a 2.7 earthquake during 2nd period when I was writing an English essay. Yesterday, TG helped me find useful and fun gifts for my friend L. He's just so nice. I don't know that many other people who would help me to that extent. Today the school newspaper was distributed and it was my first time taking part in that! That was really exciting too.

Yes, I hope you had an exciting week. I'll be at a fair tomorrow!!!! Maybe that's the highlight of the weekend. :) I realized another thing. If you guys do have questions for these Friday questionnaires or in general, feel free to comment. If you feel really shy, you can email me at My email is peculiar and that's a story for another time.

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