Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advice from the Heart

First, I'm had a weird dream last night. When I dream, it's a weird and complicated story somewhat based on my experiences. I haven't dreamed in a while but last night, out of nowhere, this dream popped into my brain.

I was in Korea during winter. I don't remember why I was staying with my aunt but my parents weren't there. I was with my cousins and we lived in an apartment that was built like a hotel. It wasn't fancy like a hotel but several families shared a living room like a suite room, where everybody has their own kitchen and bedrooms but also a communal living room? It was like that. I had been going to school for about a week, maybe longer. I was wearing my uniform and everything was okay.. I met a couple people including this guy.. My dreams never give me a clear picture of my love interests. He was pretty good looking that's all I remember, not from his face but I remember my reaction. I think we shared a class. TG was in my dream momentarily. He was talking to me about public speaking which I thought was weird when I woke up since I thought that he didn't take public speaking (funny story). TG was helping me with something related to public speaking. But anyways, it was this one day that we were supposed to go on a field trip to the train station to ride trains and etc. It was super sunny and I didn't think it was winter. I was getting ready and it took me a really long time even though it was just a uniform and a circle scarf. My cousins were really impatient. The guy that was my love interest (not TG, I'm not sure what purpose TG served) had invited me on some sort of date so I was taking longer. My cousins were making fun of me haha. There was this other really random scene where there was this girl who wouldn't call me unni (korean "formal" term for girls for older girls) and I was so sad. She ran away from me afterwards... But yeah, it was strange. Maybe TG was my love interest. I can't even remember.

So today was a Christian Club early morning meeting :) On Wednesdays we have a half hour late start. I wasn't planning on going but I was able to leave the house early because my parents forgot about the late start. It just so happened that I was able to make it. And then TG gave me advice about public speaking... because he asked what I had first period. Deja vu moment. I've never had one until now.

My friend L (the one who I wrote the story for) thinks that I purposely got up earlier or something but I really didn't. Fate wants us to spend more time together ;) and the fact that this was a total coincidence.

That would be my number one advice today: let things fall into place. I'm not saying you should make zero effort. (My advice is geared more towards girls but I'm sure guys can pick up a couple tips).  You shouldn't try to be way too obsessive and make all the events fall into place. If he likes talking to you and you like talking to him, then chances are that there will be more opportunities to talk to him. The worst thing to do is probably text or Facebook for homework help with the purpose of starting a conversation. It doesn't work. I promise, unless you are a super lucky person. If you do need homework help, go ahead. It's really awkward to try to start a how are you? conversation after talking about math problems and English essays. If you do want to talk to him more, try to get to know him (or her, sorry!) on a personal basis. I found that it helps if you're actually interested in their lives and personalities, and you shouldn't just ask random get-to-know-you questions when you're not interested. It sounds scripted and awkward.

Point is: be real to yourself and take things slowly. Get to know him and let events unfold. Maybe it won't always be the way you want them to but let it do its thing. It took me a long time to learn that.

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