Monday, October 8, 2012


Hi everyone! Hope you had a good day today. I actually had a pretty relaxing day because I had the day off from school. I hope you guys are able to take a day off sometimes. I made a little guide to relaxing because I've really needed this.

I did upload the third chapter to my mystery story on the post titled "Happy Sunday" along with a couple app reviews. App reviews are going to expand to encompass movies and Youtube content, along with music.

So one really great way to unwind is to get together with some great people and eat food haha. On Saturday, I was just having a bad day and I didn't want to go to the VBS barbecue thing we were having just because I was a mess. I did feel a lot better being there though. It took my mind off things and I was around really supportive people. That's probably the best thing you can do if you're having a nightmare day.

I like to watch movies too or read but when I'm uber stressed, movies are the way to go. I like watching romantic comedies just because they're funny and light and so far from reality. It makes you believe in fairytales at least for that short two hour period. Do not watch some serious, dramatic documentary. So I made a list of some of my favorite films for bad days.

1. Mean Girls 
C'mon you can't seriously hate this movie. It's not all that well made but it'll jerk a laugh or two out of you.
2. The Proposal
Funny, funny film, definitely worth watching at least once.
3. He's Just Not That Into You
Cute, funny, delightful movie.
4. Anything by Pixar or Miyazaki. 
I keep mentioning these but it's because they're so good. Watch it and you'll see.
5. The Avengers
It's a high paced movie and really well done.
6. She's the Man
I watched this one recently and it's pretty good, okay for a rom com.
7. Ten Things I Hate About You
Sweet, funny movie.
8. Legally Blond
It's a classic!

A simple search on google can help you here but I hope these movies start your bucket list.

Eat food. I'm not kidding. It helps! Take long baths until your skin gets pruny. Get a new hairdo or paint your nails. Draw your thoughts out on paper. Write letters to people you don't like and tear them afterwards. Be a narcissist for two minutes. Go talk to Cleverbot on or search cleverbot on google. Watch youtube videos. Make and drink some lemon tea or hot chocolate. Try on clothes and make outfits for yourself. Clean your room. Sharpen pencils. You get the gist.

I hope this helps somebody out there whose having a bad day. We all have such horrible days. I know I've been talking about horrible days for a long time but I'm going through the worst slump. It helps me to even brainstorm ways of cheering myself up. Hopefully they help you too :)
I don't know if you guys read this but thanks for the 1000 pageview landmark! I'm so grateful!! That was a highlight of my weekend. xx

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