Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Be A Pro-Studier

Hello guys! Happy Wednesday night! I was thinking that I'd branch out my Wednesday Advice "columns" to include tips on other things, instead of just romance. I'm finding it incredibly hard to draw up fresh takes on the same romance advice that I read on Yahoo Questions or on other blogs. So yes, today will be devoted on some good study tips and how to concentrate, which I know I definitely have a problem with. We'll end with a lovely tidbit about Halloween! I hope you're enjoying the daily facts I find about Halloween. I just found out that you can use Emoji on Macs so you'll see a random assortment, perhaps. Tell me if you can't see them!!!

🐑 How to Study

Tip 1: Turn off your phone and computer if possible. I know that sounds really obvious but when we don't want to study, we find all sort of plausible excuses not to. For example, my uncle might call about my birthday three months late because he's just that great of a guy. Another example, my phone develops withdrawals if it's not on. I know you get the point but let's have one last example: The guy I like might call me because he got my number from one of my friends who's been playing wing-woman and she would need to hear about this and this would make my high school life complete and I would die if he called or texted and I didn't text back immediately and I think I'm in love, he's the one, I need my phone. So point is, turn off the phone. If you're just typing up an essay, turn off your wifi! Maybe turn off your router too, if other people aren't using the wifi, because I know how tempting it is to just switch back on the wifi with a tap of a button. If you are "researching", maybe you can try blocking sites such as Facebook or Tumblr. 

Tip 2: Have a healthy munching snack. When it gets really late, around 11, your body starts to feel tired because that's definitely normal. If you are munching on carrots or celery (etc), then your body feels a little bit of energy coming in. That helps you stay awake and focused. Vegetables and fruits are really great for this. Another good snack would be a granola mix with chocolate, some kind of fiber (oatmeal), and some dried fruit. Bad snacks would be chips, soda, high calorie Twinkies, candy, etc. Junk food doesn't help you grow during the day, so why should it during the night? As stated before, as it's getter and as you want to sleep, you can often talk yourself into sleeping or checking Facebook ever five seconds. Be on the lookout for that. I always find myself in my bed under the covers while I'm supposed to be reading for English class. I don't know how I always convince myself but it's easier to fall for it than one would think. Don't drink coffee too late at night, like 12 (midnight) is a bad point to drink coffee. Coffee makes you jittery and nervous so you actually can't study. Drinking lots of water and munching on healthy food helps you a lot more. 

Tip 3: Do the right homework at the right time. This one sounds really weird, I know. But think about it. As we get more tired, our brain starts to shut down a little. We can't focus as well and it's hard to concentrate. Do things like math homework first because math requires a ton of concentration. If you're tired, the numbers mesh together and you can't read the problem properly. So what should take you thirty minutes, is taking you two hours. We all hate math homework but it's way better to get it out of the way. Next you should do things like English homework (reading!) and history homework (if you're taking an advanced course or if your class is difficult). Last year I took European History and there was a lot of reading and a lot of fact memorizing so you want to do that right after math. Then do busy work last. Do things of top priority first. Sometimes I find myself doing the busy work first because it's way easier and simpler but that's the stuff that you can do quickly as one o'clock approaches. 

Tip 4: Take breaks in between. Acknowledge your sit-still capacity. Mine is about an hour and it depends on person to person. This time is not the time that you can sit down and do nothing but rather the time where you can focus and get actual work done in an efficient manner. After sitting down for an hour (for me), I need a break. This is the time to check Facebook, stretch, go to the bathroom, etc. Don't take advantage of your breaks. For example, don't study for five minutes and take an hour long break. Don't go over the allotted break time either. A lot of studying is about will. How good are you at not listening to the little devil on your shoulder that encourages sleep and junk food and uber long breaks? How good are you at managing time? This is all about time management. It's great to plan your day based on hours. From 4-5 I'm going to do math homework. From 5-6, I'll work on memorizing Spanish. I'll have dinner after that. Etc. It really helps. Plan everything without one minute gone to waste (put your breaks on this little schedule too) because we often can't follow the schedule precisely but even if we waste some time, we won't be too far behind the schedule. 

Tip 5: Note taking. We all take notes during school but do we ever refer to them again? Well maybe that's because they're boring. Get a really cool pen with at least five different colors or just carry around a pen set. If your notes are well organized or pretty, then you'll want to look at them again because they can help you. If you spend a lot of time taking notes in an orderly fashion, you'll refer to it again too just because of how much work you put in. This doesn't mean doodling. 

Well those are the main tips that I have. If you are getting sleepy, change positions. Study at your desk, study at the dining room table or a separate table, but not your bed. Changing where you study helps you become mildly alert again! Happy studying, I hope these little tips will help you. And now onto Halloween! I'm fan of horoscopes so I found another blog with this cute little What's Your Halloween Horoscope? quiz. So take it and have a laugh :) 

They also have some links to costumes so for you guys already searching here you go! Good night and thanks for reading! xx 

PS: I need some good jokes or cheesy cliches! Comment below and best comment will win a copy of my OPP script. If you have no idea what that means go to: Requesting All Jokes. It'll make much more sense. 

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