Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stories from the Hallway

I wrote this one for one of my friends too :) I hope you enjoy it! For those curious about my wellbeing, I'm doing okay. My life is getting pretty busy but I love blogging the more that I blog. Maybe I should make a label for all these random stories that I have. xx

Story from the Hallway
I stare ahead at the whiteboard that suddenly has furious scribbles scrabbled all over it. I want to let out a sigh, or a yawn maybe. Who’s watching me? Where does Julia even get that crazy information from? I slump back in the chair. There’s not much room but it’s better than listening to Mrs. Whits from up close. I have no idea what’s wrong with me today. It’s only first period of the day. I accidentally do let out a sigh but thankfully it’s in cue with the bell. I scribble down the homework. I smile to myself just for one second, admiring my own handwriting. I don’t usually do that either. I leave quickly waving a quick goodbye to Elisa. I have a stupid Chemistry test today. I hurry ahead just to make sure that some idiot isn’t sitting in my seat. I still can’t get that Andrew kid out of my head. It’s odd because I have no real ties to him. He’s just another guy my friend likes. Am I so into this because she pulled one over me? Am I so into this because she wouldn’t directly tell me? I shake my head but I forget I’m in a room that’s filling up with people. Ms. Halls takes a moment to cock her head sideways. I must have been doing something weird. 

So what am I looking for? She said something along the lines of tall, decent, and smart. How vague. I sit down anyways and for a whole hour I manage to forget about Andrew. It was an easy test by all standards. I wait for Jamie to finish before leaving. She prattles on about the test and we have a nice conversation for maybe two minutes. I wave and walk to my locker. It’s not far from the Chemistry classroom and today it’s just me. Where’s Michelle? She’s probably already on the Quad. I walk steadily to my locker chanting the combo silently. There’s no one around until someone enters the hallway. 

“Hey,” I hear. I don’t catch the last parts of the sentence but it doesn’t really matter. Who are they to me? I put a binder into the locker and wait. That’s weird too. I never usually do that. I have no idea what caused me to stop. I start to walk when the first guy who said hey starts to glance at me. He’s probably wondering why I’m still lingering in the hallway if my locker’s shut. His locker is in this hallway too. How come I’ve never seen him before? I’m genuinely curious why they can’t have a conversation when I’m here. Both of them have stopped talking. I whip my head around as quietly and unnoticeably as I can. There’s an Asian guy. I tie my shoelace immediately. I fumble the string awhile just to act normal maybe? The Asian guy doesn’t seem to notice me at all. The other guy has lost interest in me. I stare up at the ceiling and my gaze slowly gets to the two of them again. They start walking off after I hear a loud bam! The first guy’s locker is closed. They’re going the same way that I usually go. I hold my folder and a daily serving of pineapple. I let out a giggle after eating the first one. One of them—the first guy—turns around and looks at me. I adjust my binder, it’s getting awkward. 

“Hey Andrew, I’ll just you know see you later,” the first guy says probably creeped out by me. I want to yell that it’s my friend who likes him, not me. Oh what I do to sacrifice for that ungrateful child. Job done. I leave Andrew alone and suddenly, somehow he’s alone in the hallway. I walk away with a dirty smirk on my face. Just wait till she hears about this one. And she thought she was clever enough. 
Only a joke of a master stalker would use such things like Facebook to find people.

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