Friday, October 19, 2012

Keep Calm, It's Friday

It's the end of the week! I love being able to just unwind on Friday and watch thirty minutes of television. I miss TV, considerably. I guess I miss entertainment considerably. As our lives get busier, we sometimes don't focus on smelling the roses. At 1:00 AM, smelling roses is the last thing I want to do as I collapse onto my bed exhausted. My room is such a mess and I hate seeing all my clothes strewn over the floor and all over the place in my laundry basket. It's a real shame to find a shirt all crinkled when you finally do find it. I'm taking the PSAT tomorrow at 8 AM so I'm taking my last practice tests and looking over the ones I missed last year. has this nifty thing where you can click on the problems you missed on previous SAT or PSAT tests. I don't think they have this option for AP but I would definitely be interested in learning which problems I missed on AP too. I haven't been way stressed out, yet, which is a pretty good thing. Things have been manageable and I'm having so much of a better year than last year. So on to today's main theme, QUESTIONS! If you have a question feel free to ask in a comment below! I'd be more than happy to answer a relevant and appropriate question!

Q1. Have you ever thought about . . .  vlogging?
A1. Um, well I have definitely. I am a huge Youtube fan and there are lots of vlogs out there. I am pretty awkward though and I hate pictures/video. I'm getting better with pictures but still not at the level where I appreciate photos of me. My summer trip has definitely helped me embrace photography a little bit more. But video is a lot harder. Since I'm an awkward person, it's hard for me to keep a straight focused conversation. It'll probably end up being like 1 video that's 17 minutes long of just me rambling. I honestly don't think anyone would watch that. I'm not all that entertaining to watch on video either. In fact, I was trying to practice my public speaking speech during my journalism class and everybody turned to me at some point or another. My attempts at different voices were not well received. When I explained to them what I was doing, they nodded and turned around. I still need a lot of help with voices. I have 6 characters: 3 female, 3 male. It is difficult coming up with 6 different voices... but I do need all 6 characters to make my story work.

Q2. Are you excited for Homecoming?
A2. How did you know it was my homecoming? Just kidding haha, I make these questions for those wondering. I was planning on not going but . . . it's after PSAT and I don't know, why not? I found a dress last week after suddenly deciding that maybe I do want to go. I'm not particularly excited but it is a day where you can just doll up and have a fun time. My dress isn't particularly fancy so I'm not sure how fancy the other people are. A good way to describe is a more formal summer dress. Semi formal is confusing.

Q3. When not shopping for clothes what do you like shopping for?
A3. I like shopping for a lot of things. I don't really enjoy shopping for clothes unless I'm in Madewell or looking online at Madewell clothes. Their clothes are just so pretty and when I first entered the store I was in love with the merchandise and what the mannequins were wearing. I signed up for their email list when I got home immediately. I love walking around IKEA or similar furniture stores. I like cooking stores (Craft & Barrel) more than furniture though. I am just so intrigued by frying pans and different spatulas. I could spend eternity in Crate & Barrel. It's a really wonderful store. When I get my own house/apartment, it's definitely going to be a quirky house with lots and lots of cookware.

Q4. What are you looking forward to?
A4. Ahh, as I mentioned before one of my best friends is coming! It's official and the plane ticket has been purchased and everything! J, as we'll refer to her by, is staying for 3 days and we're going to Monterrey! I need to start planning outfits and everything now! I'm so excited. I've never been to Monterrey and I can perhaps escape the drudgery of homework. Yet, I'm still apprehensive to meet her again after 2.5 years, which is understandable.

Q5. Have you decided what to do on Monday?
Q5. I think I'm going to make a story off inanimate objects. Like perfume, pencil, sticky note, lamp. I'm going to do little "write ups" because I really miss the creative side of writing. I only write literary criticisms and it's sad. I'm not sure when I'm going to write another Coffee Shop chapter because I have zero motivation right now.

Today, I found some pictures of Halloween jack o' lanterns!! What's Halloween without pumpkins? Make sure to watch Foodnetwork's Halloween special if you want to see some more awesome pumpkins! Halloween is coming up in 11 days now! The US is supposed to spend $8 billion dollars this year, a record high. We spent 6.9 billion as a country last year. I love sour candy and really hate licorice and candy corn haha. xx

Image courtesy of Random Bytes. Go check them out! 

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