Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hi everybody! Sunday means an app review day and as a bonus I decided to upload a new chapter of my mystery story. I thought I could do an online review of news stuff as well that went under app reviews (basically favorite youtube and song content at the moment).

The first app that we're going to talk about it called MakeME by Dial+. It's a fun "game" where you can create your own avatar. You do have to pay money if you want the full version but I highly encourage you to try at least the free version. It's pretty fun to play at the middle of the night with one of your friends when you guys want to stay up at a sleepover. It's also pretty fun to watch George Lopez and other shows on Nickelodeon at night, like Everybody Hates Chris, at two in the morning with one of your best friends.

The next app that I like is Pandora Radio. You've probably heard about it but I really like it especially if you want to find new music. The only downside to Pandora is that you have to have internet access and there's ads sometimes. The other downside is that you can only skip like seven songs. Other than that it's a great app. I love using Pandora and it's on all my tech devices.
I've been pretty obsessed with Fruit Ninja since new updates came out. I'm crazy about unlocking all the swords and all the backgrounds. Bad Piggies came out and is made by the same people who made Angry Birds. So if you were tired of Angry Birds, fear not, because you can play Bad Piggies.

I was really excited for the return of WongFu Weekends this Friday (Oct. 5) but they never came out. So I was pretty upset about that. I volunteer at a church on Saturdays where I teach Korean to little kids. They're having a talent show/fundraiser on November 10th and they want the younger teachers to learn the song Gangnam Style and teach it to all of the staff. I don't know how I'm gonna memorize the song.. so I've been looking around for Korean lyric videos. Kudos to everyone who makes lyric videos. I subscribed to Disney Shorts on Youtube and their daily phobia videos are really good. I recommend those, search up Figaro Pho.

On to the second part of business. Here's the third chapter of my mystery series :) I hope you enjoy! Side note: I don't know why Blogger doesn't let me indent this story... I'm really sorry if it's frustrating to read because there aren't any indents, or visible indents. If anyone has any advice on what to do, please let me know. I did change all the Coffee Shop chapters to the default font if fonts interest you (they interest me...). Go check it out if you didn't. xx

F Stands For Figure It Out
“Hurry up Vicky!” Max yelled at the front door. I nodded my head but was in too much of a rush to yell anything back. I was wearing the new skirt that I had bought a week ago but it hadn’t taken a while to figure out some outfit. 
“Sorry,” I said running out. I opened the door to Tyler’s car and tried to ignore the stench. I pulled out some of the perfume that my aunt had sent me for Christmas. I heard a sputter of coughing. 
“Vic, what are you spraying in my car?” 
“Just perfume, Tyler. I wouldn’t have to if you cleaned this stuff up. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend,” I teased back. One of Max’s friends had introduced Tyler to a girl their age. They went out on a couple dates when Tyler deemed her as creepy. 
“I have my eyes on a new girl, don’t worry,” he said with a laugh. I just saw from the corner of my eye that Max was rolling his eyes. He hated it when I joined in on any gossip, especially since now I knew most of the people they gossiped about. He was always embarrassed me at school and had been since I was a freshman. 
“Tyler, if you had a really precious stuffed animal and you lost it, would you call a detective?” It was random but I had to try. 
“Um I don’t think so but you should ask a girl. I’m not one to care that much about stuffed animals.”
“When she says detective, she means her, Ty. If you lost something would you call Victoria to find it?” I rolled my eyes. Max never called me Victoria unless he was trying to embarrass me. 
“Sure,” Tyler said without any pause. “Did someone call you about their missing stuffed animal?” Before I could say anything, Max was already answering the question. 
“Yeah, Ms. Hastings lost something apparently. So what did you think of the song I sent yo yesterday?” I slumped back in my seat and wished that I had had an older sister. 
“Well, it makes sense that she would call you and not say the police,” Tyler said. We were at school and I was glad for a change. I was prepared to fail my math test, first period. I marched triumphantly into the classroom just as the bell rang. 
“Hey did you hear about Miranda?” Natasha asked me. Natasha was maybe my best friend. We had been going to same school since kindergarten and now we were inseparable. In my thirteen years of knowing her, she had never brought up any gossip. 
“No, what’s up?” I slid my backpack down and sat down quickly. 
“She said her bear was found,” Natasha said holding out a poster. I wondered why she was telling me this. My math teacher shot me a glare but I ignored it and grabbed the poster from her hands. Indeed, it said that the bear had been found with her smiling face plastered on the poster, holding up a bear matching the description that Ms. Hastings gave me. I nodded and put it into my backpack. I was about to ask Natasha what relations she had with Miranda but the test was already being passed around. 
“That was the worst,” Natasha said afterwards as we were leaving the classroom. I nodded and sighed. My grade would surely go down and I was so close to an A. 
“So tell me about Miranda. This seems really random.” I hadn’t told Natasha about my detective practice or that this was my first case. 
“Ah well Ms. Hastings had asked me and a couple other people to help her find her old teddy bear,” Natasha said in somewhat of a smug tone. I sighed. Why did I think that I was special? Max was right in every single way. 
“Oh I see. So is the case closed?” 
“Yeah, I guess it is. I was really looking forward to spend time with Nick.” His name sent a shiver up my spine. 
“What?” I turned around in the middle of the hallway. 
“You know I like him,” she said shyly. “We were working together on the case. He’s really serious about detective work, Vicks.” He was obviously the perfect guy for me. Since when was Natasha even interested in solving mysteries? I decided to find out. 
“So when exactly did you get interested in mysteries?”
“I was just helping Ms. Hastings out,” Natasha said with a prude smile on her face. 
“Well I should get going,” I said turning my direction. I walked along another hallway. The mystery was over but there was something wrong. I went to my next classroom, English, and took out the poster again. 
“Ah so you’re on this case too,” I heard someone say behind me. I turned around a little too quickly and saw Nick standing behind me in every ounce of his good looking nature. 
“Yeah,” I said snidely. I wondered why I was being so rude to him. It was over.  Yet, why wouldn’t I accept that? “It’s over, right? I’m guessing you saw this poster.” 
“You’ll need better deductive reasoning to beat me at this case.”
“It’s over, Nick,” I repeated. It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who believed that something was wrong. 
“We’ll see, Victoria,” he said. I cringed and sat down in my seat. I didn’t know if I was head over heels for him or angry. 
I left English class with a weird feeling. Jeanie was sitting at the table my friend group gathered around. I took out the poster and showed it to her. I was positive she would help me. Natasha wasn’t here yet. 
“Does something look wrong?” Jeanie held the poster with an odd frown. 
“Miranda doesn’t smile like that,” Jeanie said. Her normal, peaceful expression returned. Jeanie used to babysit for Ms. Hastings for three years. “She’s being forced to smile.” 
“Wow, you’re good,” I said with a beaming smile. 
“And there’s the tip of the shadow right there,” Jeanie said. She let out a laugh and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t noticed that. The case was definitely not closed. Was it Natasha who had done this? I unzipped my backpack and slipped the paper in one of my folders. I took out my detective notebook. I wrote down the new clues that I had uncovered today. Next to it, Natasha’s name was written in ink. Natasha never came around to the table during our seven minute break. She didn’t show up during lunch either. Something was definitely suspicious. 
I was finally able to talk to her after school. She was hanging around the library and was waving goodbye to Nick. Was this where she was during lunch? I scrutinized her and glared at him. He smiled towards my direction and shrugged his shoulders. 
“What was that?” Natasha asked. 
“Nat, you know how much of a serious detective I am. Did you make this poster? Tell me honestly.” She seemed taken aback by this sudden change of nature. 
“Vicks! I promise I didn’t make this. Miranda sent me a copy to my email last night. I printed out a couple because I knew some other kids who were trying to solve the case.” 
“So you promise that you’re not passing false stuff around?”
“Do you want to see the email?” I nodded. She pulled out her iPhone from the pocket of her jacket. She unlocked the screen and clicked the little icon indicating the Gmail app. 
“Here, see,” she said opening the email that Miranda had sent. There was a relatively simple explanation riddled with OMGs. 
“This was sent Tuesday night,” I said quietly. 
“Yeah, so?” 
“She was at her dad’s house,” I simply said. It seemed like it was an appropriate time to meet Mr. William Richards. 
“You mean the case isn’t over?”
“Yeah,” I said sighing. It was horrible fighting with your best friend. 
“You take the case,” Natasha said with a shrug. “I don’t think this thing is my thing.” I hugged her tightly and waved her off as she pranced off to her carpool. I wondered where Tyler was. 

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