Friday, October 26, 2012

Alonso and the Snails

So hi everyone! Because it's a glorious Friday, I've decided I want to blog twice. There will be a Q&A later, don't worry. Especially since my weekend busy I want to make up for the lack of posts to come. I am currently taking Spanish and today we did a fun activity where we had a short prompt and we were supposed to make up a story using future tense. It was too bad a lot of my story got lost to translation but I was so inspired that I had to write a version of it in English. This is exactly what I do for fun. Enjoy! xx

Alonso and the Snails 

One day, Alonso was racing the streets of Nowheresville with his super cool '98 Ferrari. Unfortunately, he was racing too fast at a record speed of 34 miles per hour. He broke both his legs and burned his hands because he had driven straight into a toxic lake, hands first. Alonso tried to sweep his long blond hair behind his ear, a signature look, but found that there was searing pain in his hands. Maybe the worst thing about his situation was that he was a famous pianist. He called the police with his nose and waited for the ambulance to show up.

Alonso woke up the next morning feeling groggy and in pain. He couldn't fully remember the sequence of yesterday's events. He stared down at the casts on his legs and whitish gauge wrapped over his hands, his precious hands. Alonso felt a great pain in his heart as he saw that his beautiful fingers would never be the same. In the hospital, his mother came to visit him. She had been the one who had forced him to take all those piano lessons and become a famous pianist. His mother looked remorsefully into his eyes and cried.

"Alonso, Alonso, how I've wronged you," she cried out, alarming the nurses.

"No, Ma, I suppose I won't be able to play piano anymore," he said dreadfully at first. "I won't be able to play piano. I won't be able to!" His voice got louder until it full of excitement. He had always hated piano and now it was the perfect opportunity to do what he really loved.

"I guess it's time to let you go," his mother said weeping as she left his hospital room. It would be the end of mother and son. Alonso glanced at his mother's own damaged hands. She had never told him why that had happened. He would never know.

Alonso returned to the real world of Nowheresville a week later. He sold his ancient Ferrari and had enough money to buy three snails. He bought them immediately because he had always wanted a snail farm. Even though three was a small number he was sure he would have a farm soon. Alonso practiced with the snails all the time and they became his new full time job. He would make sure to get excellent turnips for them to eat and would always have a strict exercise regime. Alonso opened his first mini circus and people were amazed by the snails. The snails would pace back and forth with the ooo's and aaa's of the people. The crowd would applaud once the snails were down with their races.

In a year's time, Alonso finally had the funds to buy twenty more snails. He had increased his farm to a 10 by 10 inch square plot. The snails were happy and he was happy. He and his snails had made the front cover of the local paper twice.

Two years went by and Alonso was able to create a world renowned snail circus. He was earning millions and even bought a new Ferrari. One day, Alonso went into a snail shop. Sally the woman working at the counter smiled at him. She had proudly hung the articles about him on the wall. Sally was a huge fan of his snails and he was sort of a celebrity to her. He asked her to join him on his adventures and see the world together with their snail circus.

They eventually got married and Sally taught the snails how to juggle and ride the unicycle, mini ones of course. They lived happily ever after until one snail found the joy of the piano.

It's a silly little story but I hope it's able to brighten up a little part of your day or at least bring you a small smile. It's short and concise which means that it's easy to read. I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for a Q&A.
PS: I'm still looking for cool blogs! If you haven't please read something about Nigeria. It would mean the world to me if more people knew what was going on there.

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