Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Requesting All Jokes

It has struck me. Sickness. I feel just awful, I had some soup and lots of tea so I feel somewhat better, but on a good note I got my first 90 on an AP biology test!! Some major positive feedback happening! I don't hate plants or biology anymore. I feel sort of miserable right now as I read the Scarlet Letter. But I didn't want to let any of you guys down? Tomorrow is Wednesday so you should expect something solid, unlike these days where I have nothing structural planned. If anyone has any ideas on what they'd like me to write about comment below. I bet it's better than my one paragraph ramblings.

I'm also finishing up my Original Prose and Poetry speech for public speaking. It's a funny piece about a person named Penelope who's hopelessly in love with her boss and has a dead end career. She gets promoted to a person picking up phone calls for Frito Lay and the fun begins. This was inspired by my own experiences haha, although I've never been on the other side of the telephone. So yeah, any cheesy cliches, jokes, and laughs would be appreciated! Best joke will receive a copy of my script if so desired. :) Maybe I'll post my script up.... Hmm well for now it's a half hearted prize. But seriously, any jokes are warmly welcomed and much appreciated.

Halloween is all about costumes so here is a Pinterest link to a whole bunch of cool costumes. I remember someone dressed up as a soap box and another person dressed up as a huge penny in elementary school. Cool costumes are so awesome. :)

There are a ton of pictures on this website and I don't want to rip them off. So just click it and find images galore. xx

I don't know if any of you guys are wondering but I never see TG anymore. I don't really miss it all that much either to be honest. Maybe my feelings are passing away. 

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