Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Having A Meltdown

Hi guys. Blogger did something really bad this time, it deleted all my pageviews. That makes me want to cry. I would love if you guys clicked on each one a million time, just kidding! It's not that big of a deal just a huge shock. Blogger has been having some issues. I guess I should be happy that it's not all my posts. I still have all my labels and posts just not the pageviews. Sorry for the increasingly late posts.

My dad bought boba (bubble tea) from my favorite bubble tea store but he bought the wrong kind and didn't bring a straw haha. That was a fun moment.

For today's Halloween component, I found an adorable ghost mouse pad! I have a rabbit mouse pad that looks really similar to that one. The website is called and it has a lot of stuff that I get from Korea. So for those of you like that like cute stuff but don't have access, here you go! Halloween is all about ghosts and why not celebrate with a 7 dollar ghost mouse pad? That way it can be Halloween for lyfe (not a typo).

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So I have a couple things of geeky interests! The google icon today is so cool. I'm clicking it over and over and over again. Also WongFu Weekends is back! Go watch it! They're my favorites. I found one app worth sharing and you guys probably know it already: Slender Man. It's a really creepy horror story esque app where you use critical thinking skills and objects to escape Slender Man. It's a perfect app for Halloween. I also love the photo frame app called Smile Cat. It's a Korean app that lets you adorn your already cute pictures with even cuter backgrounds and little sticker things. It's great on iPhone but not so great on Android. I think they're working on it. I'm pretty peeved at Apple. I downloaded iOS 6 for my iPod fourth generation just to find that Siri doesn't come with it. It has no significant features and hogs up all my memory.

Yeah, that was my day! How was yours? xx

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  1. Okay so a little update on the situation! The page views are being retrieved and are slowly coming back. The total page view count has made its way back! xx