Friday, October 12, 2012

Question Time

Hi! I don't know how many titles you can have for these Friday Question sessions. Feel free to send me question suggestions or comment below! I'll need to be a little more creative I guess. So if you haven't read in my last post, I'm going to have one thing relating to Halloween until the 31st. Be excited! I'm excited and I don't even really like Halloween. I'm scared really easily so that's probably why. But I enjoy holidays in general. Today it is really cold and cloudy and it rained at night! I wore my rain boots because I've been dying to wear them even though it's not really raining.

So on to Halloween! I hope everyone has seen this movie but I haven't seen it until recently. Tim Burton makes such amazing films that are pretty relevant to watch during October and on Halloween. He actually has a movie called Nightmare Before Christmas which is about Halloween. There is something so beautiful and refined about his movies. This song is called This Is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas! I definitely recommend it to everyone. 

And now for the other part of today. Question Time! And for the first time ever, there is a label! 

Q1. What is your dream house?
A1. I actually have a couple different dream houses! I would love to live on the beach, right in front of a small quiet beach. I love the balmy sea air and smell of saltiness hanging there. I get so much inspiration from the ocean and I love visiting warm, sandy beaches. I like houses with lots and lots of windows. I also enjoy small houses, almost like cottages. They have more of a homey feel to them and everything isn't so spread apart. I like looking at super gigantic mansions but I would not like living in them. I would also love to live in New York in a small little apartment with a balcony. Maybe I would have a roommate too. The living room would just have a couch and a TV. There would be a circular wooden dining table that could fit two or three chairs. A nice rug would be under it and then directly next to it would be the kitchen and its tiled floor. Next to the dining table would also be the balcony so that you can look out while eating waffles. There would probably need to be a desk somewhere but I'm not against just propping my computer on my lap and working on the couch. I don't knowhow much work I would be able to get done though. So yeah, those are my two dream houses. 

Q2. Who is your role model?
A2. My grandma. :) She's absolutely my role model. I grew up mainly living with my grandma until I moved to Colorado. She was always there for me as a child and is here for me as a teen. My grandma always supports me and is really proud of me despite my many failures and shortcomings. I learned and keep learning Korean so that I can communicate with her and my family. She's a huge part of my life still. 

Q3. Favorite TV shows?
A3. I don't watch that much television. I like New Girl with Zooey Deschanel and I watch a lot of Food Network in general. I watch Adventure Time hehe, I think I've mentioned that before somewhere. I like watching movies better than TV. TV takes so much dedication to follow episodes and follow lives of characters. I'm planning on watching Gossip Girl when I have time, maybe during the summer. I like watching Korean dramas though and Korean dramas take a lot of energy, time, and tears from you. I don't think I'd have the time or emotional stability to watch both. I actually had somewhat of a mental breakdown today. It was the class right before my huge math test, journalism. I was sitting next to this girl who was searching yoga pictures and there are some really funny/bad pictures on our picture subscription for our newspaper. I was crying, my face was red, and I couldn't do anything. I was just in a limbo between stability and non-stability. The test was okay though.

Q4. Do you like to dance?
A4. NO. I can't dance.. I can dance at our school dances such as Homecoming because that's not really a dance. No one is really all that self-conscience at Homecoming and it's a fun time with all your friends. So I guess that's the exception. I can't sing either but I do like going to karaoke places. My volunteer wants all the student teachers to learn Gangnam Style so I don't know how I'll be able to PERFORM that.... especially for parents at a school benefit auction and talent show.

Q5. Do you smoke?
A5. Ew no. I don't think that anyone should smoke. It's really unattractive and you smell bad and it deteriorates your health. There's absolutely nothing good or advantageous about doing it so I don't understand why someone would hate their body so much to smoke. My grandpa used to smoke and I would stay the heck away from him and eventually he quit but... he died of lung cancer. After that experience as well, I hate smoking even more. I do this sort of mean thing I guess. Whenever someone is smoking in a public place, I cough really loudly into my arm. They give me a dirty look and guess what, I give them a dirty look back. They're spreading second hand cancer and polluting OUR air. We share the air and I feel like some people don't understand that.

Q6. Since we share the air, how do you feel about pollution from cars and factories?
A6. I hate that too but there aren't any easy solutions. It's always money vs environment and countries choose money and it's understandable. I don't like it but I understand why. I recycle and my family is really good about buying as much food as we eat. We never go to Costco. I take really short showers, they're always 10-20 minutes. There's only one bathroom in my house so it's not really an option to take long showers. I used to hate it but now it's more of a habit. Taking short showers is an especially good habit for trips and vacations. I went to Korea this summer and stayed in this church building with 13 other people from my church. They installed shower heads to their sinks which made for a couple funny stories. It was great to be able to just wash really quickly and get out. It was probably the worst shower experiences in my life. I don't drive and I sort of don't want to drive. I really like cute and small electric cars.

I think 6 questions is enough for today! I'm going to see a show at my school almost like our talent show at seven so I'm really excited for that. Bye! I hope you enjoyed learning about me. xx

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