Monday, November 19, 2012

Pre Thanksgiving Pig Out

We had "The Sink" and they literally give you 8 scoops of ice cream with 8 toppings. We ordered Mango and it actually tasted pretty good, not like actual mango but still yummy. Our ice cream was prettier than that of the table next to us. It was really funny how two minutes after it came out, everyone had their phone out to snap a photo of this beautiful creation.

Hi everyone! I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet but why not start the festivities early? My family is from Korea so we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, except at church. So yesterday, it was the Thanksgiving extravaganza with 7 turkeys, 3 roasted hams, cranberry jelly, mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie, etc. Haha, the only thing missing was cornbread but do we really need cornbread? I've figured out why you gain so much weight during the winter. You eat at Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas, followed by New Years. And then that massive diet that starts in January and ends around this time again. After our really delicious Thanksgiving meal, our English Ministry (EM, has about 20 people now!!!) went out for ice cream!!!! We went to SF Creamery, which is not located in San Francisco. We spent about $100 on ice cream and fries... haha. I woke up this morning with a terrible feeling in my stomach. I guess it's karma telling me that I shouldn't have done that but let the holidays begin.

We were circling around for a parking spot in front of the ice cream place for about ten minutes. We didn't want to pay to park in a garage haha. The person driving us told us that we should just get out of the car so she could find a parking spot because two out of five cars had found parking spots. We were really hesitant and we were about to open the car door in front of the ice cream place when suddenly a lady was walking to her car to leave. Her parking spot was right in front of the ice cream place. God is good haha.

There was a long wait in front of the ice cream place and we were cold. It was about three in the afternoon but fall is surely here. The person who drove us had a blanket in her car. It was a red blanket with black stripes in a checkered pattern. It also had little bits of grass sticking to it because she had used the blanket on some picnic outing. We had our little homeless moment but it was warm huddled up. Until the rest of our EM group told us to put it away because it was embarrassing.

Oh and funny story on Saturday. So apparently our Gangnam Style dance/song (we remade the song too) was "so good" that they wanted us to perform again... We have a drum class in the Korean school as an "elective" and apparently they're performing somewhere and they wanted our team to go too. Except some people had school and most of us were busy on a Tuesday so we don't have to go. I would've died if I had to do this again. One time is enough. We did get a $60 coupon thing (for 6 people) to go eat at this restaurant which is slightly exciting.

It was a great way to kick off break! And guess what? I am going for "an outing" on Wednesday. It was nine in the morning, maybe thirty minutes after I woke up, and now I'm super excited haha. I was doing some SAT prep this morning and was analyzing my confidence level by betting what to wear. I hate SAT prep. That's confusing let me explain. So I circled choice D but was also slightly unsure about choice E. I do this all the time with almost everything, don't judge. I was saying to myself if choice D was correct I could wear anything but if E was correct, I would have to wear this gray sweater thing that I love but wore to the night of the school play. I can't wear the same outfit twice. . .  it's getting a bit better now.

Hope you have a fantastic day!!! Monday Memoir coming later! I almost forgot today was Monday. xx

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