Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello Autumn

Fall shoes are the best!
Hi everyone! Autumn is really here and here to stay, at least for now. It's the middle of November so it should be here. The rain in California Bay Area hasn't started yet but I'm anxious to wear rain boots again! I just pulled out all my winter clothes from their confinement in the storage space. I'm still looking for a nice fall jacket. I recently got new shoes and I love them. Shoe shopping is really fun. You feel like Cinderella. Haha. Well I guess that's what the modern day Cinderella would look like. You buy your own shoes and try a bunch of things on. No one should have to tell you what shoes to wear and what you can't wear. A guy shouldn't have to find your shoe for you. 
Thanksgiving Break is coming up around the corner! One more day of agonizing tests and essays and then a week of rest, and Huckleberry Finn. I had four tests today and that's why there was no Wednesday post. So I hope this makes up for it! First Korean lesson after school today. It took an hour to read this book but progress is progress is progress. And Diversity Club was doing their thing right next to us outside the library so it was fun hanging out with them too. I might hang out with him over break which is exciting. I need a new nickname for him. Hmm.... 
Haha, well! I hope no matter where you live you get to experience the beauty of changing seasons. It's fun to pull out your winter clothes even if it's tedious. Be thankful of that ethylene and positive feedback for the falling leaves. xx

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