Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Myths About High School

Hello! Happy Tuesday! It's Election Day here in the US and I'm really crossing my fingers that Obama wins, even by just 1 vote. It's really close and I'm seriously on the edge of my seat. I am worried intensely about the future of the US and the world if someone like Mitt Romney comes into office. If you like Mitt Romney, I'm sure you have your reasons but I feel that I can't trust someone to lead a country if they can't even express their opinions without checking the popular opinion. Sure, things haven't been perfect during the Obama Administration but they haven't decreased immensely. He's actually done a lot of good things that go ignored because of the economic crisis that BUSH left behind. Everyone, even Romney, seems to have forgotten that Bush even existed. It's definitely a close election this year and all I can do is wait.

Do you guys like the new layout? Long story short... I found this incredible site with all these premade blog skins for blogger. The first problem with the skins were that they were for the old blogger. That wasn't much a problem since you can still revert to classic themes. However, they were really pretty but really useless. You couldn't see your comments and I don't really know all that much about code and writing code. Not having the gadgets to the side was really annoying as well. So I stuck with this one because I like a lot of the features more than the previous layout. I would love to hear your opinions about it though. Anyways. Enjoy as I debunk some high school myths (at least in my world). 

High School Myths

Myth 1: Everyone parties all the time. School is about a social life. 
Ahahahaha... I would love to have a social life like the people in movies. Their lives are full of gossip, sleepovers, and of course parties. There are mass texts secretly proclaiming parties once somebody's parents are "out of town" and everybody hears about it through bathroom gossip. Do you seriously think people go to the bathroom to use it? My life is maybe the complete opposite. The one party I do attend every year is a school hosted Homecoming dance. The dance isn't all that great but it's fun getting ready for it with your friends and wearing pretty dresses. Probably the best thing I do on Friday nights is sit at home and watch a movie from my computer, alone.

Myth 2: High school is completely made up of cliques.
Um, I guess this is more true than the previous myth. At my school, there are popular people but I don't really get the impression that they "rule" the school. A lot of the popular people are really nice to everyone and deserve to be loved by people. Most people are actually pretty accepting and high school has gotten a bad rep from the few extremely judgmental people.

Myth 3: Seniors bully freshman.
Not true. I've never been bullied as a freshman and I don't bully underclassmen as a junior. I've never actually seen anyone pushed into a locker or a trash can. No one I know has ever told me that their lunch money was stolen either. I'm not sure where people exactly get these ideas.

Myth 4: High School relationships are so cute.
True, a lot of high school relationships are cute. . .but not that many. A lot of people frown upon PDA just like real life. But I have to admit that hand holding is cute. None of my friends are dating. Actually, very few people have boyfriends/girlfriends at my school.

Myth 5: The clothes that you wear define you.
Being fashionable will always be looked upon positively. However, clothes don't define you. There are a couple trendy places to buy clothes but other than that clothes are up to you. Clothing is a great way to express yourself and not more than that.

I'm at school waiting for my page in the newspaper to be approved... ah Bartleby, ah humanity. Haha. I don't know why I threw that in there. But I'm so anxious while watching the election, at school. Have a great day. xx 

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  1. Yay Obama! I'm pretty happy about the turn out. Good for Ohio!
    I came home now and finished the successful night with ice cream.