Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night Blogging

Enjoy for all those having a "me party," haha, from The Muppets. 

Hellooooooo! Hello Thanksgiving Break! I'm having an okay day today and I'm so glad that this week is over. This week has been seriously one of the longest weeks ever. This week and probably the week before Christmas break too. I'm already waiting for the imaginary snow to fall on California. Anyways I think this one will be a pretty solid Q&A sesh, unlike some of the weeks past. And always feel free to post questions. I promise I'll answer it if it's a decent question!

Q1. What are you planning to do over break?
A1. Um... I really need to study . . . SAT coming up really soon. I also want to catch up on writing! Maybe some of you are still patiently waiting for another installment of Coffee Shop. I promise it's slowly on its way. I also want to watch dramas and just squander time haha. I don't have the luxury of doing that when I have school. Dramas are really good at giving you the life you always dreamed of. For that one hour while your eyes are glued to the screen, you are the main character. That really attractive, perfect guy says he loves you and says he'll never leave you. Then the hour is over but luckily there are so many dramas out there. The plot doesn't matter because we desperate ladies will watch anything. It's sad but true. Plus the OSTs for dramas are really good. They have actual lyrics and there is no English nonsense tucked in. They're really relatable and you can listen to them on loop. Almost as good as a video of a helicase creating the replication bubble on loop. I'll also be hanging out on Tumblr & Instagram haha as well as taking shameless selfies on my computer. I'm sort of okay with them now... Did I tell you how I used to hate pictures? Well picture after picture this summer changed my hatred into slight tolerance! If I get really really lucky. . .  then maybe a lunch um hangout? non date? haha yeah, whatever you call that. I might go shopping with friends in the week perhaps. Yes. I have friends! I am looking for really pretty cable knit knee socks!

Q2. Can you explain some explanation about Korean dramas for those of us who aren't Korean?
A2. So basically there is a girl who is far, far, far, far from perfect. She's normally of a mediocre to bad background as well. So to summarize, she's usually not smart, poor, and pretty naive. She meets guy somewhere usually due to good luck. In real life, they would never ever be together. He is really really attractive, has a nice car, nice fashion sense, and a lot of money. He usually also happens to own a department store and has a really mean mother. Usually their dad isn't too relevant. There is also another girl who happens to be of that said attractive guy's class. She's pretty, went to America for college, and rich. But he doesn't ever end up with her. He always ends up with the one who doesn't have anything special to offer. And as much as I'd like to say that I am above it, I'm not. It makes you believe that everything is possible and that you shouldn't settle for anyone less than Song Joong Ki (송중기). I'm kind of obsessed with him at the moment. Go watch 착한남자. It just ended today. Ah. That drama was actually really intense and strayed away from this formula which is why I loved it so much. Some good ones I recommend are Protect the Boss, Secret Garden, Big (ehh, still worth it), Baker King Kim Tak Gu, King 2 Hearts, maybe Mischievous Kiss, God of Study (old school), all the High Kick dramas, the list goes on forever. But basically dramas screw over your sense of reality. 

Q3. Spender or saver?
A3. Hah. I do like to save money generally. I only buy clothes that I absolutely fall in love with. There's no price you can put on love and that means that I have to have it. I try to buy things on sale but hahah... So I don't buy that much clothing or shoes but I guess the price doesn't really matter to me; unless it's at Madewell then I have to analyze if it's really worth it. I love buying stuff that I love on sale though haha. I'm in love with everything at Madewell, everything. Having a social life is also pretty pricey. Movie tickets are about $10 and then if you eat dinner that's at least another $10. If you eat something while watching the movie perhaps another $10. If you do this every week. . . haha. It's expensive trying to be popular: you have to be fashionable which costs (it's pretty much a lie that you can be fashionable and save), you have to have a functioning social life, and you have to keep up with trends (iPhone 5, even if it's super disappointing). 

Q4. Dream job?
A4. I still really want to work at Time Magazine. Joel Stein is sort of my idol. It'd also be really cool working at Vogue too. I've always had this glamorous idea of working for a magazine. Google would also be really cool. Some of the worst but prestigious jobs would be: fashion designer, business CEO, model, etc. 

Q5. Things you want to do on dates?
A5. Haha. Um. This question comes up a lot, which is embarrassing because I make the questions. I was talking about this with my friend a couple days ago so here it is again. How many of you guys remember what I post? Because I honestly don't remember much... Well I want to go to the city and eat crepes and watch movies. I always wanted to eat food together. Maybe that's because I love food so much haha. I want to go to an outdoor screening of some classic movie. Or go ice skating. I have a lot of creepy moments and one was where I discreetly followed someone on an ice rink in Korea. Except no one noticed because on ice rinks you circle around and around. I want to go to the beach or even just stay home and have a movie marathon. I dislike going shopping "dates" though, or at least shopping for clothes together. I realized that it's more important that you have fun compared to the fanciness of the date. I finally realized that. . .  I know.

Q6. On a serious note, have you ever felt unhappy about your physical image?
A6. Haven't we all? I used to be sort of chubby back in middle school and like freshman/sophomore year. My parents, and I guess family, talk about it as if I was really overweight which hurts my feelings because that definitely wasn't the attitude then. I remember I did get upset with my parents when they tentatively suggested that maybe I should lose a couple pounds. Middle school is awkward for pretty much everybody and I was no exception. I think I started feeling unhappy about myself in 6th grade. I had some really pretty and skinny friends and would always feel inadequate around them. It wasn't something that I could blatantly express either. Whenever I went to Korea for the summer I would also be super unhappy. I gained so much weight there and everyone there is so skinny. During the summer of sophomore year (after freshman year), I was happy about my weight because I had somehow lost 5-6 pounds. I went to Korea and gained 8 pounds which made me actually cry. I always felt like I had something to prove because so many people looked down on me because of that one reason. Our society isn't accepting no matter how much they say that body size doesn't matter. To that younger self, being happy with your weight meant smiling when you saw a number on the scale. Except for a couple moments, I hadn't actually felt that much skinner or better but the number on the scale was telling me to be happy. It was really during the summer before junior year that I reached some sort of peace with my weight (and the fact that I lost some helped too) but I was finally happy because I was happy and not because of some number. I posted about this because it is an important issue. It was actually quite alarming how much nicer people were to me this year. Thank you summer camp with rowdy 6th graders.

With that, I think I'm going to say goodnight. I hope you enjoyed learning a couple more things about me. xx


  1. Hey Youngjoo, thanks for registering at teenage-blogger central :) I'm adding you to the page now and may get around to featuring your blog if time comes up!

    I enjoyed your explanation of Korean soap operas. I live in Ireland, where the soaps are similar to British soap operas, but with more conservative story lines, Americanized accents and more in-bar conversation - Korean soaps sound very intriguing!

    1. Thanks Ginger! I really appreciate it. I love your project the TBC and your personal blog as well.
      Hahah yeah, I love British television. I started watching some of Doctor Who and Downtown Abbey on BBC! I haven't watched Irish soap operas though.