Monday, November 12, 2012

Call Me Monday

Welcome for another Monday Memoir. If you haven't noticed I'm going back and inserting a jump break so that you can see more posts on the home screen without clicking pages.  I hope it's helpful! I didn't have school today so I meandered around a bookstore reading. My friend would disapprove but whatever. Meandering is fun. Haha. And remember, if you aren't happy with words that I choose, comment below to submit a reasonable noun! Comments can be anonymous too. xx
Cell Phone

Sara smiled as she opened the car door and walked to her volunteer. It was a cold fall day and she wanted to be back in her blankets huddled up while reading some trashy fiction novel. She knew that by the end of the day she would be exhausted but right now she didn't want to think about it. Thinking about it unnecessarily early made everything that much more daunting. She wished she hadn't worn a black spandex skirt over leggings. It looked good at the time being and even her fashionable sister had approved her decision. But this was how Sara made all her choices: impulsive and shortsighted. She came inside and saw ten feisty children waiting for her. Sara had arrived a couple minutes later and there usually weren't so many children. She greeted her fellow teachers and the principal before running up the stairs to her classroom. Sara slid her bag off her arm and she heard it plunk on to some chair.

"You're here," her teacher said. Her voice was full of disbelief. Sara smiled but inside she wanted to roll her eyes. She only missed days because she was at public speaking competitions. It wasn't as if she out partying. Sara almost wished she did miss volunteer because of some rebellious spirit and not an academic obligation. It was 9:40 in the morning and she hurried to prep the room before the kids came at 10:00 AM.

Her heart pounded as the clock ticked ten. She wondered if this was how Cinderella felt at midnight. Maybe Cinderella also felt an exhilarating excitement matched with a fearful disappointment. The door opened and the kids rushed in. In all their craziness they were adorable.

An hour had passed and this was always the point when Sara questioned why she showed up every Saturday. She took a quick staff room break just to breathe. Her phone was blinking a message. They had just had a meeting last week about turning phones off during the day. She wondered if it was her mom asking her to pick up milk on her way home. Or maybe it was Mrs. Parker saying that she needed a babysitter tonight. Just maybe it was one of her friends telling her they should watch a movie tomorrow. She unlocked her phone and saw that it was him. Immediately a smile sprung upon her face.

She opened it right as the yelling of kids increased. She hurriedly read it before turning back. Sara left the room feeling so happy. Maybe this was how Cinderella felt when her prince found that it was her who fit the glass slipper. The teacher glanced at her strangely before returning to what she was previously doing. Sara hummed and smiled while facing the kids who didn't want to learn.

Sorry I fell asleep after that text. Good luck! :) 

PS: ADVENTURE TIME SEASON 5! First episode today :) Go watch it :D 

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