Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Seriously Can't Dance

Look at us, matchy matchy! PS I'm wearing a skirt... it sort of doesn't look like it. 
Gangnam Style at volunteer talent show

Hello! Sorry if you were counting on a post on Saturday. I was just not emotionally prepared to write a post yesterday. Here's a short premise of what happened.

I volunteer every Saturday and I come home absolutely exhausted at around 2 PM. I have to sleep and I can't do work, literally can't. Yesterday, there was as fundraising talent show so all the teachers had to stay until 8 PM. The kids were horrible as always. I guess that's a slight overstatement. They aren't horrible they just have a horrible work ethic, which I can understand. They're in a room where someone tries to speak to them in a foreign language and then makes them do work. I wish my class was more advanced at Korean but then again they wouldn't come if they were. Their lack of desire to learn frustrates me though, as frustrates any teacher.

From 2-3 we had more dance rehearsal. After Friday night rehearsal, we were a wreck so I practiced at home until 1 in the morning. Yeah, I have 0 dance skills so even if I practice it's still bad. I had to practice that much to even be considered bad. It's sad but my co-volunteers thought it was "cute" that I couldn't dance. I hope my future boyfriend thinks that too. Anyways! During that time, we also recorded our version of Gangnam Style again because our recording attempts on Friday were futile. Apparently, other Korean schools and churches are going to hear this and I really would rather them not. Then we had a pizza break and I have never had so much pizza in my life. I never thought pizza tasted that good either. After a pizza break, we went on to practice more. 5 o' clock came around and all the teachers were frantic trying to finish up last minute preparations. We were blowing balloons and directing parents this way and children that way. During the show, volunteer teachers were super busy getting the next kid in line for their performance.

We were all "ready" for our performance. There was a quick schedule change and suddenly we were supposed to go last. There was also supposed to be someone who was Psy in our performance but we never really got to practice together. Our dance routine totally outshined his nonexistent one and in the middle he just sort of sat down somewhere. Most people think that Gangnam Style is 100% horse dance but it's not.

Then the worst part came. We were in the middle of our dance when the music just turned off. We were really confused up there and we had all been really excited to do the ending. It's awkward whenever that happens. So after the show, we talked to the principal about it. She said that some kids were hungry so they cut us short. Does that even make sense? Later, we found out that someone pressed a wrong button while working the music. Shouldn't they have turned the music back on? I'm okay that we ended early but it was super awkward.

Funny story about my skirt. It's a bit big for me because my mom bought the wrong size. So I was rolling it up so that it was more comfortable and the other gangnam style girls were like "pull your skirt down" so it looks slightly strange haha.

And then I ate ramen and watched TV and slept. Haha. Hope you have a great day! xx

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