Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Best Night Ever.

Hellloooooooooooooo everyone! I am overflowing with happiness. So today my English teacher said she was giving extra credit to go see our school play Hamlet. I was planning on going on Friday with one of my friends but soon realized that I have tutoring and a Gangnam Style rehearsal on Friday. And she's busy on Thursday. I didn't really want to go as a loner to a school play on a Thursday even for 10 points of extra credit.

So at that moment... TG was online. He was online everyone! Fate wants us to be together. Haha, jk but it was really lucky that he was on. So I asked if he was going to see Hamlet and he said he was going today. This was at maybe 6:20 and the play started at 7. It's a really good thing that I live right next to school. HE GAVE ME HIS NUMBER AND INVITED ME. :D

This is the closest ever to a date for me. And I used to think that I would spend five million hours preparing but . . .apparently not. It was a really fun night.

Of course it wasn't just me and him. I think that would've been sort of awkward. I got to meet one of his really cool friends! There was also a really annoying person there but soon moved to another seat after intermission.

I thought it was the perfect moment when we were leaving but. . . that annoying FRESHMAN shows up again. I have nothing against freshman just this one. I wanted to internally cry. Maybe I did a little. But it was really fun and I said that and he nodded in agreement with a smile.

Moral of the story: Let things happen! I never asked for his number nor tried anything really sneaky to get it. It just happened :)

My day has been complete. Except there's a vocab test tomorrow and I left my book at school. I'm frantically searching online for those stupid words. xx

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