Monday, November 5, 2012

Caffeinated Mondays

Hello! Whether you come daily or it's your first time, welcome from the bottom of my heart! I hope you guys are having a better day than I am. I'm having an offset day where something good balances something bad but barely. It's a see-saw. Bad days are inevitable and we just do have to deal with them, which sucks. Also! If you didn't know, it's Daylight Savings! Yay sleep or whatever else you guys do beside sleep. Blogger doesn't seem to know hah.
Anyways. . . Mondays bring Monday Memoirs. I'm getting to like writing these more and more. I love the fact that these aren't that polished but exactly how I'm feeling at the beginning of every week. Most of this stuff is based around my life or a friend's life or what I want my life to be like. The premise of a Monday Memoir is basically a narrative pertaining to one random word. If you have any fun word suggestions please comment below.

Lucie glanced down at her watch again, for the umpteenth time. Was she even in the right place? She sighed and wondered what to do. The waiter had cast a couple strange looks in her direction. This cafe was a popular spot for all those who had nothing better to do on a Wednesday morning. It was already nine so business men were ordering their coffees and scattering out almost as if there was a fire. Maybe they would get fired if they showed up an hour late. She crossed her arms and wished she had eaten breakfast. She had already been sitting here for thirty minutes on a perfectly good fall day. It was one of those rare holidays during high school and she let out another sigh. Her friends were watching a movie but had been in awe of her Saturday plans. 

"What would you like today?" The waiter asked in a haughty voice. Her stay was not exactly welcome. Was it rude to order before the date showed up? Would he understand that she was starving?

"Um how about a bagel," she said opening the menu. She had wanted to look completely surprised when he came and to her that meant not even looking at the menu. This was her first date ever. Of course, she had wanted to show up glamorously late and be enthralled that he had invited her to this high end place. She had never been here and it seemed like everyone could tell. 

"No bagel on the menu," the waiter said and rolled his eyes. She frowned momentarily and watched the waiter walk away. She curled one of her reddish orange locks and wondered where exactly Howard Smith was. Howard Smith was her friend Cassidy's cousin, a very attractive cousin. He was a year younger than her and lived in England but had been visiting his family here when she first met him six months ago. It was pure luck that he was visiting again on a school holiday. Before he left he had kissed her cheek and Lucie had counted that as her first kiss. Cassidy had deemed her obnoxious and said that everyone did that in England.

Cassidy didn't know a lot about her relationship with Howard. Cassidy was dating a guy when Howard visited. This was the weird part that Lucie still didn't fully understand. Howard wasn't really Cassidy's cousin, or so he told her. Their families were just very close. Cassidy was extremely pretty in anyone's eyes and Howard had fallen hopelessly in love with her. Out of the blue one day, he had sent Lucie an email introducing himself formerly and saying hello. They talked a lot after that and most of their conversations were about Cassidy and Howard's apparent crush. Everyone knew that he had no game though. It was struck Lucie odd that he was worried about not being able to date a girl especially since he was only fifteen. She was a year older than him and wondered if she should be worried too. She told him that and he had asked her why she didn't have a boyfriend since she was cute. Lucie had never been able to get over the fact that he thought she was cute. On the last day of his visit, he promised Lucie that he'd buy her lunch if he ever visited her again. 

It had been a late night when Lucie brought up his offer again. She had learned from Cassidy that he was visiting but that he wasn't staying with her family this time. Lucie had been on Facebook instead of working on an English assignment and saw that her longtime crush was dating a new girl. She had never really gotten over him and the temptation was just too great to goad Howard into taking her out. He had agreed and even asked her what she wanted to eat in their second email. Lucie felt guilty but at the same time excited. 

Lucie spent all of Friday afternoon planning her outfit and making sure that her hair would be perfect. Her friends jealously helped her making a snide remark or two. She didn't care but she wished she had paid more attention to details. Had Howard even wanted to come? That was silly, of course he did. 

She took off her coat and draped it on top of her chair. Lucie sighed. Maybe there had been a car crash. Maybe he just didn't know his way around especially since he wasn't from around here. She had envisioned a perfect date, where he was standing at the front of the cafe checking his watch. He would have been anxious that she was even two minutes late. She would show up about five minutes late with her glorious red hair blowing in the fall wind like a goddess. She would then proceed to ask if she was late and he would politely say no with a smile. A nice waiter would have led them to a table in the center of the buzz. Howard would've taken off her jacket and pulled out her chair for her. He would've known exactly what to order. And he would've said she was cute again, cuter than Cassidy. 

"Uh, excuse me?" Lucie looked up. Was this her date? No, it was just another waiter. 

"Could you please move to that table?" Lucie stared at where the waiter was pointing. She nodded her head grudgingly and walked over the lone table in the corner. It was in the shade and she quickly put on her coat again. It was her older sister's prized possession but Lucie had deemed the occasion important enough to borrow it. 

"Did you decide what to order?"

"Yes, I'll have the omelet, this one," she said pointing to her menu. The waiter took it away and she waited in total silence. It had already been an hour and finally it was time to face reality. Howard wasn't coming. Here she was in the same scenario she had been with her old crush. She wanted to cry but her omelet hadn't come out yet and she was voracious. 

She had a good brunch even if it was by herself. Lucie pushed in her chair and started to walk to the front desk. 

"Watch it!" Someone shouted. She stepped back to see that a puddle of coffee had formed near her feet. That coffee could have landed on her jacket. 

"Sorry," she murmured and tried to leave. 

"Wait, I know you right?"

"No," she said staring up at his face. Was this Howard? No. 

"Don't you remember me? I'm Bobby." That name did soundly slightly familiar. 

"Are you? I'm Lucie, Lucinda I guess." 

"Yeah, we went to the same elementary." She shrugged. She was a junior now and elementary school was way back when. 

"Did we?" 

"Yes! Don't you believe me? Do I have to get my elementary yearbook?"

"You carry that around?" 

"No," he said with a weird look. "I meant you could come over if you wanted to see me prove a point."

"Oh, I'm not interested. Can't you see that I'm upset?" 

"Really?" He just seemed so hurt. 

"Fine, but just to see that you're wrong." Her mother probably wouldn't have approved of her going off to stranger's houses but she did sort of remember Bobby. And Bobby was slightly, okay maybe really, attractive. 

Well thanks for reading! If you didn't see, I worked really hard to post another chapter of Coffee Shop. The end is near. So you should check it out if that interests you. While I was writing this Monday Memoir, I heard some person playing a Christmas song on his trumpet. Ah, I already feel the holiday cheer. My church is planning a secret santa already too. We're picking our person (there's no terms for the person you get) next week. :) I love secret santa. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. Poor, poor thanksgiving. xx 


  1. This was pretty good, Are you making a book?

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate any feedback. I'm not currently writing a book but it is one of my aspirations!