Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh The Drama

Hello everyone.  Thank you so much for 2000+ page views!  I'm so grateful that you've been reading what I post, whether it's your first time visiting or if you've read all my posts. I hope that you decide to join me on my adventure. Blogging is much more fulfilling when you know other people are benefiting from your words.

 It's the second week of November and autumn really is here and here to stay. I can't say that I enjoy the blistery cold weather but it's better than a fluctuation from cold to hot to suddenly rain. Fall makes me moody and maybe that's because I love to write. My English teacher said today that people write more in their essays about Shakespeare's tragedy than his comedies because there really isn't much to say about "they lived happily ever after." Sure we all want our happy ending but how many of us truly get it? Life is about compromise and becoming happy without being fully satisfied. Maybe you can tell that I'm not in the best of moods. I'll explain that later but right now I want to show you what Cinderella would like in real life, not modern day, but real actual life.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She was a pretty girl and it was very unfortunate that her mother had died a few months after she was born. Her father thought that the best gift a little girl could have was a mother and some sisters so he remarried. Of course he was pretty lonely too so he married a rich woman who was quite the looker. Unfortunately her two daughters hadn't inherited that trait.

Her father worked a lot because he had never really filled the hole that Cinderella's mother had left. He wasn't truly in love with his new wife and so he devoted himself to his career. Cinderella was pretty neglected and she was frustrated that her stepmother or stepsisters wouldn't do any work. She didn't want to do work either but she knew that her stubbornness would just turn the house into a large pigsty.  Her father also eventually died from some odd cause that no one ever discussed. She was upset of course but she continued to live her life.

One day there was a ball that was supposed to happen and flyers were everywhere. Cinderella wanted to go but she had a lot of things to do. So she decided that maybe she would go if all her chores were done. Her stepmother didn't really want her to go but she made a sneaky deal. If Cinderella could finish her chores she was allowed to go. Cinderella broke down to cry about her unhappy life, until she got back up to clean the house. Not going to the dance was sad but Cinderella went on with her life and eventually met a nice guy in college.

Or maybe she does go to the dance in which case...

Cinderella went to the dance wearing an old dress of her mother's. She found it dusty and worn out in the attic but it was good enough for her. Cinderella was a pretty girl and caught some guy's eye. They danced for a while until Cinderella got bored. Yes that guy was attractive but he wasn't a very interesting person. They didn't get married and she eventually met a nice guy in college.

Maybe instead of real life, the story should've been "If Cinderella was a strong, independent woman." I guess if she was whiny and this was real life the story would go. . .

One day there was supposed to be a huge dance. Her stepmother said that she could go if she did ALL her chores with a little smirk. Cinderella broke down then and there and cried out to the world. The soul purpose of her existence was to go to this dance and meet a handsome guy (maybe a rich guy) and get married to him. Her stepmother didn't pity her and walked away from that pitiful mess Cinderella was. Later she returned to find Cinderella still crying. Her stepmother did feel a pang of guilt since her two daughters were at this dance. She allowed Cinderella to go but then Cinderella wailed that she didn't have the perfect dress. So she sat there and cried the whole night and never really got over it. She met a guy in college but he was never as perfect as the guy she never met at the dance.

Sorry if that ruined your idea of Cinderella. Most days, I do like the story of Cinderella just not today. So all this badness began yesterday. My friend Lucy likes this guy named John (names have been changed). She went to the city with John and watched a movie which is my idea of a perfect date. She also ate crepes which is also my idea of a perfect date. So anyways, I asked for a photo of the two of them and it was late and I can't function when it's late. I do such stupid irrational things and this was one of them: I told her I'd get her a picture of me with the guy that I like . . . and half way through conversation the next day (after her "date") she was a bit strange. As I joke I said I would get a super blurry picture and she stared at me and was like "we shall see." You only saw "we shall see" if you can do something about it. So I asked her if she knew who I liked and she said maybe. And I have no idea if she does because today she acted like she had no idea and avoided my question for as long as possible. I don't think she reads half the things I chat her, which can be annoying. It reminds me why I don't have personal conversations with her. I don't really want to exchange photos anymore either . . .

I hope your day was better than mine :P I did teach TG Korean today! and it went well :) He's way easier to teach than little kids. xx

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