Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday. Friday. Got to Get Down on Friday

Hello guys! I've had a busy week and I realize that my blog posts might not be of the greatest quality. I apologize and I'll really try to make these worth reading. Some really great things happened in my life this week actually. By the end of the week, I forget what ever happened in the beginning of the week. This week I have Monday off which is doubly exciting. So on to some good stuff. Check by on some previous posts if you want my excited vibe during the exact moment.

Q1. What exactly did happen?
A1. I spent a lot of time with TG this week. Like an extraordinary amount of time. It's weird actually because last year I remember how awkward it was in the hallway when I would pass by him. He sort of invited me to the musical and we hung out with one his other really cool friends and unfortunately this annoying freshman. And then out of the blue he asked me to teach him Korean, on a serious level. I don't think I shared that yet. He's a member of this club and was saying that I should join it. I told him that it might take me awhile to find the room since I have a horrible sense of direction. I've been at the same school for 3 years now but I still can't do a lot of things: like find rooms or open lockers. In PE last year, my friend had to open my locker almost every day. Opening my locker (by myself) was a task worth applause. It's really sad. . . but so be it. I told him a couple strange talents I have too which is the next question and then he randomly, I mean randomly, asked me if I could teach him Korea. So we're starting "lessons" this Tuesday. I'm really excited! It's almost a study date. Our friendship outside/inside school is progressing. :)

Q2. Where is my Coffee Shop?
A2. It's currently on my draft board. I did post a chapter though so go read it!! My life doesn't revolve around Coffee Shop so go read other stuff :P I'm busy too... I wish I could be Claire and sometimes that makes my life even sadder.

Q3. Any weird talents?
A3. YES! I love eating lemons! I remember I was at my friend's house and we were just hanging out. She had a lemon and one of my other friends wanted to eat it. I tried it and fell in love with the citric and sour taste! I can also not frown on command which is weird! I love to draw which isn't weird and I love to write and read which aren't really weird hobbies either. I like baking too although I never bake.

Q4. Do you play any sports?
A4. I used to play tennis but I wasn't really good at that... so I quit. Haha. At my volunteer, we're doing a Gangnam Style Dance as you may or may not know and my legs already hurt from just 2 hours of that. I do need to exercise more. I just dislike exercise greatly haha. I'm a weird person. Our dance rehearsal was such a fail. The person in charge recorded us just to see how we were doing and . . . it made me want to cry. It was so bad that it wasn't funny just sad. Ah, I'm going to have a long night and long tomorrow. I can't dance or sing and it's never been clearer than now.

Q5. If TG did like you more than a friend would you date him?
A5. You know I really don't know. I want to burn that bridge when I get there. I don't think that'll happen though and I don't even really hope for that either. Like in Freshman year, I really wanted to date that other guy (drift through other posts if you're dying to know because I'm not going to take more time to explain a worthless thing) and I really thought it would happen. I don't know why. I was really naive back then I guess. I don't know if I have time for a working relationship either... my grades would go down, down, down and I really can't afford that.

Q6. What is up with the new layout?
A6. Do you like it? It's a long story so get ready. I was looking for cool blogger themes and came upon this website with blog skins. Have I told this story before? Oh whatever. And I made all these edits just to find that the blog skins weren't really worth it. I guess it's not really a long story after all. So I chose this one because I do like it :) If you don't please comment to tell me why. I'm definitely not right about a lot of things so . . . yeah I like different opinions, sometimes. DID YOU NOTICE the favicon? The favicon is the little icon before the url. It finally changed and I'm bursting with excitement.

Q7. Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
A7. For those who don't know, NaNoWriMo is a really cool project dedicating yourself to writing. During the month of November, you write 50,000 words. It's a super ambitious goal but a great one for all those interested. I registered but so far 0 words. I don't have the time.

:) If you have any questions submit below! Thank you for reading! xx

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