Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome to Korea!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. I'm not in California anymore!!! I flew 11 hours across the Pacific Ocean to get to South Korea! It was my first real day and surprisingly I'm not jetlagged. Of course the first thing I do is shop and get my hair done. My grandma's internet connection is really slow and she doesn't have wifi so I can't connect my laptop. I'll make a shopping haul post later... maybe at the end of this trip. The weather is hot and humid but it's supposed to rain this whole week which is very good! Although I don't love the rain, rain gets rid of some of the stickiness. I'm not sure what else to say. It's been a very long day. I promise all my posts won't be like this... it's so nice seeing my grandparents and eating my grandma's really good food! I'm seeing my uncle and my little cousins on Monday and a close friend on Wednesday. In the meanwhile, I'll be watching dramas, reading, and doing test prep meh. It feels too weird to take pictures here because I'm not really a tourist. I'll try though just for you guys. Hope you're doing well! xx

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