Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm Not Meant to Be a Housewife

Happy Monday everybody! I've sort of lost all track of time since it is the summer time. I have been writing both Scarf Boy and Coffee Shop so expect those in the near future. I feel really upset that I've lost that rhythmic schedule of my blog, pretty much ever since the week after I post a rigorous schedule. The hard thing about blogging during the summer is that not much happens in my life. There's no rants about school or teachers or tests or prom. I've basically been studying, writing my essay, playing Animal Crossing, and hanging out.

Ooh! I have a short note about playing Animal Crossing and other DS games on your computer! There's these awesome things called emulators!! I downloaded one called Desmume! It makes my computer sort of crazy but definitely worth it! Check it out!

Anyways onto the main point! I am not meant to be a housewife. I realized this a long time ago but it's reinforced a lot. I could never be that stay at home mom. Maybe when I'm older I'll feel different but as of now I would probably go crazy. I am terrible at cooking which I learned once again on Monday. Hehe. I tried making S breakfast . . . and yep it became a "you're doing everything wrong" time lol. Nah, he's not like that but he is way more technically trained than I am. Neither of us were really hungry in the morning so that didn't quite work out either. It was quite cute though. While I was trying to sauté bell peppers and potatoes, he suddenly wrapped his arms around his waist for a back hug. Yup, we're going to be an absolutely sickeningly sweet (unofficial) couple. He also witnessed me yelling at the egg to fold.... I talk to everything and that includes food.

Difference between official and unofficial: erm at this point none?

Here's some more stuff I can't do: I cannot sew. I cannot throw house parties. I hate vacuuming. I do not like babies up close. I'm okay with babies at a far distance. They're just so high maintenance and drool everywhere. I don't enjoy gardening. I would be bored out of my mind. I need constant adventure! (this may just be a I'm-a-teenager-slash-twenties-girl syndrome).

I wanna be in New York! I've already talked about this before so I won't go to bore you. I was made for the city!

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