Friday, July 12, 2013

I Want a New Family Pam.. 
 Hi guys! I started this blog post yesterday and as suspected. . . it did not get done. I was extraordinarily busy yesterday which might sound weird for me. In the morning I got my passport picture taken. I hate pictures in general especially passport pictures... Did you know how many rules and regulations there are for those photos? You can't open your mouth. You can't wear a white shirt. You can't have a shadow on half your face. Sort of ridiculous, I thought. I can't believe I have to stare at my horrible passport photo for the next 10 years...

the frosting was all me xD 
I picked up my wonderful new bag in San Francisco after getting all the passport stuff done. It was so cold and windy there!! I came home around 5:30pm and went to S's house to bake cupcakes :) I like baking stuff! We bought cake mix and frosting and made exactly 24 cupcakes. With the first batch we made the mistake of not spraying pam and the cupcakes stuck to the silicon mold. Hehe they were fun to eat though. I came home around 10.... because the cupcakes took a ridiculous time to bake and cool. My parents were annoyed at me, which I suppose makes sense. My mom interrogated me about S and assumed (by herself) that his mom wasn't home. EVEN THOUGH HIS MOM WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME HELPING US BAKE.

I dunno. All this frustration my parents feel for me continued to day 2. My dad just takes all his anger out on me. He was asking me about the questions I got wrong and already his tone was anger. I just feel like it's a huge waste of time when my dad tries to help me. It's never instructive and more just "why did you get this wrong?" And then it became a whole argument of "why do you want to go to a good college if you can't even do well?" I'm just so frustrated with my dad. I really want to be an independent person but he's not letting me. I just wanna run off and live my own life and never see my family again.  I know I'm just being bitter and an annoying whiny teenager but there's this little satisfaction I get with this whole idea. I'm sorry. I just need to breathe and close my eyes and not be so angry and frustrated. Okay... I think I can get the last chapter of Scarf Boy up BY TOMORROW!!!  Okay bye!

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