Tuesday, July 2, 2013

12 Sides of Fun

Hi everyone!! Today I had the pleasure of going to Color Me Mine. You might have been to Color Me Mine or one of those places where they have pottery and you can paint them. I think I'm giving this to my mom. It's her birthday really soon! Painting on pottery is a lot harder than painting on paper. It's harder to undo your mistakes. I was at the studio for 3 hours and one of the first to come and last to leave. I was there so long because I did mess up a lot and had paint all the base coats again. I'm a bit worried at how it'll turn out though because some of the paint was starting to crack..
It's really hard to control how much paint you squeeze out of the smaller tubes. I had a lot of issues with too much paint which causes the cracking.
I sort of see that maybe she was better without a face, whatever. 
If you look on this one, really up close, there's this odd clump of red paint that I'm quite worried about. 
I have a couple tips for successful pottery painting:
1. Before you paint, wet your pot (jar, teapot, plate) with a sponge slightly soaked. It just helps get the dust off and prepares your pot to be painted. (For the sake of these tips, I'm just going to refer to the object you're painting as a pot. I technically painted a vase today.)
2. If you're painting your pot in one solid color, sometimes a sponge is actually the best way to go. I painted my pot white (the lady working there was telling me how that was completely unnecessary but I like just painting in over in white to make sure it'll be sparkly and wonderful) and the little blue sides with a sponge. If you mess up and I certainly did, it sometimes hard to paint the surface over again. What helps, especially with light colors, is to press the sponge and dab paint rather than traditional strokes. You create some cool texture by dabbing the sponge to the pot and it builds the color nicely.  
3. When using puffy paint (all the characters and trees and such are done with puffy paint), be careful! I messed up so many times because of this stupid puffy paint. It's really hard to control as I said before. I was definitely having trouble with the excess paint. What I eventually ended up doing was getting a paintbrush and taking the excess off. I did this for the blue cloud and that's why it looks better from picture 1 (in picture 2). Gravity also plays a huge role! In my short absence (I would get more paint or something), the paint would droop and it was unfortunate. Red Riding Hood's mouth was so hard! I would also pre-draw whatever on the paper covering the table before I did it on the pot. You can also pencil in what you're drawing but I didn't like doing that. 
4. Have some patience. I was there for 3 hours and it looks okay because I did have some patience to repaint and think of new ideas. 
Overall, I had a really fun experience and I can't wait to see it next week when I go to pick it up! I hope you guys will try going to a pottery painting place. It's more fun with your friends but I don't know if I could go with friends who don't take as long as me. It might be incredibly boring for them. If you want to see this stuff in real action, here's a video from Wong Fu Productions (one of my dear favorite Youtube groups). 

I think they were at Color Me Mine too! It's an international business so check check check it out! 
What if I started vlogs? LOL funny idea! Kay bye!
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