Monday, July 22, 2013

Los Angeles Reflection!

Hello everyone!!!! It's been a while since I last posted and I am really sorry about that. I didn't quite have the time to be posting during my very short trip. My phone hates me and regresses to 25% battery at like 3 pm (on a good day). The good news is that I'm getting an upgrade soon! I'm really debating between the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. My friend has the Note 2 (which I wanted for the longest time) but it's just too big for me. She doesn't even use the stylus (which will become me) and that was the whole reason I even wanted the Note 2. First world problems, sorry. As you might know I was in Los Angeles for 1 day (the other 2 days were spent driving there...). I just thought about a lot of things while there haha. I never know where exactly to put the jump break... so it's going to be here. Keep reading because first ever shopping haul post!
Los Angeles was tough for me. We spent the first night in Bakersfield which is a 100 miles short of LA. A huge group of our old church family flew from Colorado so they were staying in a 2 room house (um apparently some people rent out parts of their houses and this is an alternative to hotels). That's 13 people in 2 rooms, 1 bathroom. My parents didn't want to stay there and they also didn't want to be in LA and not stay with them. That's really confusing. Sorry. I had 2 conclusions after this trip. PS sorry I don't have any pictures from this trip. My phone hates me. Look above if you want another reminder of that.

If you really want to have a test of how close you are with a friend, go with them to an amusement park!

That's probably sort of weird. At Universal Studios, the line wait is about 60 minutes on average. Most of this time was spent in silence and a couple odd stories here and there. There was just nothing to talk about with J, who was one of my closest friends in Colorado. We never talk even though it's entirely possible through Facebook, text, kakao (heheehe, if you know what that is), etc. She's moved on and I have to. It's just sad to see that some people won't be your lifelong friends even if they mean the world to you at a certain point. I have a ton of awesome memories with her and I suppose that's enough. Keeping in touch is just so hard because we don't know any of the same people anymore and we don't have similar hobbies. Our friendship relied on inside jokes and now we don't have any. With time you really see which friends you're meant to have.

We did have one hilarious moment that reminded me of old times. At the last moment at Universal we only had about an hour left. We rode most of the rides and had 2 things left: Transformers and the tour. The wait time on the tour was an hour and the tour itself was about an hour. For Transformers, the wait time was 100 minutes since it was a new ride. We chose to visit a house of horrors because the wait time was only 25 minutes. I was definitely not expecting a super scary experience. Oh my gosh. It was so scary!!! Live actors would pounce at you and I was screaming at every turn. I was holding hands with J out of fear and there was a group of Chinese visitors in front of us. We almost physically clung to them. I was reaching out for this guy's backpack almost the whole time and she almost grabbed his shoulder. I'm pretty sure they were annoyed at us because they tried to walk fast and DITCH US! That didn't work out for them because we ran after them and accidentally shoved them. J apologized at the end of the house tour (erm) and the older man was just like "oh, okay." Ah I'm not going into haunted houses for a while.

People grow up without you. 

This is probably really obvious to everybody but it was weird for me... I grew up with these kids (that I saw in LA) and yet they don't remember me. I'm just a slightly familiar stranger to them. It was sad just seeing that. I have also grown up without them though so I can't really be all that mad. They were just a huge part of my elementary and middle school years. Sighs, but I don't wish I was in Colorado.

Okay! Clothing haul!! I like to have new clothes, although I don't necessary enjoy spending tons of time in shops. I love the feeling of finding that perfect shirt or a sweater you just love. Be prepared for lots and lots and lots of shopping posts for the next 20 days. Shopping in Korea is so much fun.

Really cute bath stuff from Daiso! There's a Daiso in San
Fran but it's not as cute as here. I would have bought all this
baking stuff but I refrained. 

From left to right: J. Crew (shirt) , Gallaria Koreatown boutique,
J. Crew (scarf), Madewell sweater (a gift from J) 

Close up of the scarf! I love the polka dots!
Here's a close up of the three shirts! I really like all of them :) I just did a massive summer cleaning so I'm all prepared to go out and replace all my old clothes! Yays! Well talk to you soon :) 


  1. yay shopping! I'm really excited to hear about Korea (: Get the iPhone, everyone around me is getting S4s and I don't like it... Totally understand about the friend thing, but at the same time you find out who will truly be your friend for the rest of your life! Too bad you couldn't go on the studio tour though, it's really interesting!

  2. heheheh yeah shopping!!!! I think I'm actually leaning towards S4........ maybe you should switch too ;)
    Yeah it's really bittersweet. I will definitely go on the studio tour next time!!!! I really wish I had gotten one of those passes where you wait in the exclusive line for like 10 minutes while everyone waits for 100 minutes..